MasterNode Coins exploding! Buy these Fast

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional trader buy and sell at your own risk, better yet do more research before you buy and sell.

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Have you been focused on the Red at coinmarketcap I bet you have?

well just because the most popular coins are all red there are a phew hidden gems in there you just need to look.

Check out Chaincoin it was worth less than a dollar about a month ago and as of this post its over $6 the reason being is its a Masternode Coin

Here are the top emerging Masternode coins besides Dash.

1: Chaincoin
2: Neutron
3: Pivx
4: PoSW

These are my top go to Masternode coins

if you missed on cheap chaincoin masternodes you still have a chance with Neutron but act fast its steam rolling.


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The best way to get them when they are so chea, and build the MasterNode.

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Thanks for sharing this, I will look into them after a good DD

Thank you for good information..

Terracoin is another masternode that looks promising. I bought a little bit to follow it. Looks like you need 10,000 for a mn.


One of these days I will understand what this all about! LOL!


Yes looks promising with the implementation of masternodes it's going to rise I feel 👍🏻

I have a posw coin, its good to buy now while its cheap

I just looked at the screenshot of ChainCoin that I took on 9 July. It was just $0.43 and right now it's $6.28! Incredible. 14 times higher. I wish I had money to buy it. :(

Do you have a masternode?

Thanks for the advice, I will definitely try! Good luck.

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