Crimson Coin$CRM ICO $TODAY$ CrimsonCoin (CRM) Masternodes, stealth, 99% pos

in masternode •  2 years ago 

A new coin was born today!!! A Master Node coin on $Crimson Coin, a proof of stake master node coin. 22 million for a master node. A total supply of 5 Billion. This coin was born Today at 1 satoshi with a volume of 14.5 bitcoin as of 3:08 pm California time 7/15/17 CrimsonCoin CRM, Masternodes, stealth, 99% pos. Currently trading for 3 satoshi on Development has tweeted about being added to Monday along with launch of their website development team Q&A and a 5 MILLION coin Twitter give away!!! Check out their GitHub and Twitter, this coin could see massive growth. Get in on the Crimson Coin train to Alpha Centauri!!


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Crimson_Coin CrimsonCoin tweeted @ 15 Jul 2017 - 17:45 UTC

Very nice! Look out for us on @Cryptopia_NZ…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.


You sure this isn't the crimson coin from world of warcraft?

Who am I?

I wouldn't know because I don't know world of warcraft butI did find a brutally awesome metal song that has Crimson Coin in the title

I don't know about world of warcraft but I found this brutal metal song with Crimson Coin in the name. Nobody on youtube has picked up on this one yet.

Nice, there is always room for a new random song, or cryptocurrency.

Who am I?

Great coin!

Incredible opportunity right now!!! WE are very very fortunate!! :)

This was a total scam. The dev disappeared after the coin was on an exchange for half a day. Shady shit going down in the crypto space.

GitHub (

  • started 2 days ago
  • 1 contributor
  • 2 commits

Twitter account (@crimson_coin):

  • started on 15 June
  • disappeared overnight


  • No slack
  • No website
  • Nothing else

Seems like the devs made off with w/e they made dumping their coins on coinexchange..

= scam , i dont know why poeple cant accept that

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