Cryptocurrencies Masternodes : ALL active and upcoming Masternodes

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I found this great page with all the cryptocurrencies which operate a Masternode system.
First a shot introduction to Masternode.

What is a Masternode:
A Masternode is a server that performs service functions on a blockchain; such as instant send, coin mixing to support privacy, and aids in stabilizing the network. In return, masternodes are paid rewards, dividends in the form of altcoins on a periodic basis, for providing important services.Anyone can run a Masternode and the objective is to have enough online to provide a true level of decentralization, which doesn’t favor a country, a geography, company, or person; assuming the network a network is built to support at a global scale.

Voting rights
Some Masternodes are also given voting rights on proposals. Each masternode has 1 vote and this vote can be used on budget proposals or important decisions.

ROI or Return on Investment is different for every altcoins. Let’s take Dash for example


You need 1000 Dash coin’s to own a Masternode:
Current price of 1 Dash on 8-6-2017 = $192.46
Masternode investment: $192.459
ROI% 6.47
Daily gain: $34.09
Weekly gain: $238.63
Monthly gain: $1037.02
Yearly Gain: $12442.85

To get a Dash masternode it will require a big investment, luckily ter are other altcoin who require less:


Here are some upcoming Masternodes


Check out this awsome page