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Shared Managed Masternodes at

I'm proud to announce that we have launched our platform . This platform offers a unique concept where communities have their own Masternodes.

With Goldnode it is possible to join in and reserve 1 of 100 seats in a Masternode. This represents 1/100 part of an actual masternode. Of course if you own 1/100 of a Masternode you will get this part of the Masternode reward. will take care of the maintenance of the Masternode. We call it Shared Managed Masternodes.

At this moment we have 4 Initial Masternode Offerings (IMOs)

  • Crave
  • Saga
  • Zcoin
  • Universa is open for more suggestions on IMOs and if there is enough demand we will launch an additional IMO. Because is there for the community.
As the vision of states: Our node is your node!


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