8 Masternodes already running and more to come! Check this out

in #masternode2 years ago

In the first weeks of existence of Goldnode already 8 succesfull IMO’s have passed. 8 masternodes are already up and running and collecting rewards for the Goldnode users.

A fancy dashboard after login shows the earnings of for the participant in the masternode.

Above an example of the Goldnode.io dashboard with 3 active Masternodes.

When you join in on a IMO your personal Goldnode.io masternode dashboard is set-up. You get payd out in the native coin automatically! So you wallet gets the coins frequently, and fully automated!

The Goldnode platform is contiously under development and becoming more innovative every day.

Goldnode.io offers low entry shared masternodes

Currently there are Masternode offerings for Pure, BiFrost, ALQO and Polis. All interesting coins to get your seats on.

For more info on Goldnode visit https://www.goldnode.io

Or checkout the telegram channel at: https://t.me/goldnodeIO