PURE Masternode IMO at Goldnode.io

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After 2 succesful Initial Masternode offerings for Pure Masternodes, Goldnode has launched a third master node offering for PURE.

Pure turned out to be a very nice crypto currency and a very good network. That is the reason the Goldnode community has completed 2 imo's with 100 seats each.

Goldnode.io is a unique and new platform that offers shared managed masternodes. At the Goldnode platform you can buy a seat (a %) in a Masternode. This seat will determine the amount of reward you will get. You can see your earnings in your private Goldnode dashboard. In the Goldnode Telegram channel, Marvin the Goldnode bot, keeps you up to date when new masternode rewards come in.

Goldnode Telegram: https://t.me/goldnodeIO

Below a bit more about the PURE Masternode

Masternode Pure (PURE) - Jupiter-C III

As per community request, we have added Pure as an Initial Masternode Offering.

Pure, as stated on their website, is an open source peer to peer, a decentralized cryptocurrency that allows fast transactions to anyone, anywhere in the world. Additionally, it is mentioned they are a privacy coin much like Crave, Zcoin and many others.

Although their website doesn't contain a lot of information and their roadmap is a bit scarce, it does look sharp.

Although there's no team page and no whitepaper available, the Pure project seems like a straightforward coin that generates quite a bit of value and, at the moment of writing this, increases in value too.

As for rewards, Pure currently has more than 600 masternodes and a reward percentage of >1000%. Although very volatile, it might be a good idea to hop on this train and see where it goes.

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