What I know, a lot of coins have dropped dramatically during last month or so. It seems there is a group of people who attack systemically coins that still have potential to climb when other coins are down trend. Essentially they hoard enough coins that they can manipulate the coin price on one exchange and then dump everything they have until the value drops below critical level. Then when they don't have enough coins to manipulate the price, they just use the remaining coins and make very small sell orders to make people believe there is something wrong in the project behind the coin. Eventually they run out of coins as people who actually believe in the project have enough balance to buy back more than just the dumped coins at very cheap rate.

I agree, but when you see your invesent going from $ 5,- to 0.8 and if that has happened with other coins its difficult to hodl

That scares everyone... But that's also what the malicious people want... They want other people not to buy, so they can overtake the coins. They need the exchange rate to go as low as possible, because that's where they can start to make profit instead of just losing their coins.
Common sense says people should buy more when exchange rate goes down.

It's around 65 cents today.

Today it is around 15 cents

Today it is around 7 cents🤐

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