Setting up the Tribe masternode

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This tutorial will help you to setup the masternode on the Ubuntu 16 virtual private server and collect the Tribe coins in the local Windows wallet.

This guide was initially published by @whywefight. Edited by @m-bernini. Swordfish and Momiji on Discord fixed some problems that I had and i published everything here.

Minimum amount of money you need for the masternode setup: 1000 Tribe + fees.
you can get the old DAS for Tribe at Novaexchange

Important terms before we start:

Remote: Virtual Private Server (VPS) which in our case will have Ubuntu 16 operating system.

Local: Your desktop computer which runs under Windows.

Getting the vps:

Go to Digital Ocean and choose one of the plans you like. I've chosen the $5 plan because I am only run 1 masternodes on one the vps. you will get $10 dollars in credit for the vps so free 2 months.

After that choose the operating system – it should be Ubuntu 16.04 x64 (Clean Install).

Important: If you are planning to run multiple masternodes on 1 vps you have to buy extra IPs. Do it right now because after the setup process additional IPs

Setting up the remote wallet:

Download putty if you are on Windows. Otherwise, just ssh-connect to the IP you got. Here is the tutorial how to connect to the vps using Putty.

Now we will install all necessary packages to run the wallet on remote Ubuntu machine.

Just perform the commands one after another. Whenever you are asked any questions just answer 'yes' or press 'Enter'.

  • sudo apt-get install update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade
  • sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  • sudo apt-get install nano htop git
  • sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool autotools-dev automake pkg-config libssl-dev libevent-dev bsdmainutils
  • sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev
  • sudo apt-get install software-properties-common -y
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev -y

I understand that most of the people don't really want to compile their wallet (it even sounds complicated), therefore, we will use the precompiled version. If you really want to compile the wallet check this and this to overcome the problems with low RAM.

Now start the wallet and keep reading while it is syncing.

  • ./tribed -daemon
  • sudo ./tribe-cli getinfo # Compare the block height against the explorer

Switch to your local machine for Setting up the local Windows wallet:

download the windows wallet
Start the wallet.

In the menu go to 'Tools > Debug console' and type

  • getaccountaddress 0

('ACC 0' from now on)

Copy the output into the notepad and head back to the debug console, type:

  • masternode genkey

Copy that output into the notepad as well.

Send 1000 Tribe/Das to the 'ACC 0' address you just got. Pay attention to the fees. You want exactly 1000 Tribe/Das in you wallet.

Now close the wallet.

You will now need to navigate to your Roaming Folder. In order to do so:

Press the windows key and directly type: '%appdata%' and hit return.

A new window will open, search for the tribe folder and enter it. You will find the tribe.conf inside.

Put this text inside but remember to put the username and password you want, you public ip and the master node private key that you generate couple of minutes ago.

  • rpcuser=username
  • rpcpassword=password
  • rpcport=9399
  • listen=0
  • masternode=1
  • masternodeaddr=your public ip:9399
  • masternodeprivkey=masternode private key
  • addnode= get ip from peer list

Start the wallet again and type in the Debug console:

  • masternode outputs

Copy the sequence and number you get.

Close the wallet and navigate to the '%appdata%' folder again. Create a file masternode.conf.

Put one line there

  • mn1 {your public ip:9399}{masternode private key}{long sequence from the outputs command}{one number from the outputs command}

Start the wallet again. Check that in the Masternodes tab you see your settings.

Navigate to the 'Debug console' and type

  • masternode start-alias mn1

Now switch to the remote machine.

Setting up the remote wallet, again:
The wallet should be synced by now. Double check it with:

  • sudo ./tribe-cli getblockcount

Before going on, we will wait till we have 15 confirmations on the chain for the 1000 Tribe/Das transaction. This might take some time, so chill a bit.

You can check your TX on the explorer. Once it has 15 we are good to go on.

  • sudo ./tribe-cli stop
  • sudo nano ~/.tribe/tribe.conf

Copy the full tribe.conf contents so your local and remote tribe.conf look the same:

  • rpcuser=username
  • rpcpassword=password
  • rpcport=9399
  • listen=0
  • masternode=1
  • masternodeaddr=your public ip:9399
  • masternodeprivkey=masternode private key
  • addnode= get ip from peer list

Save and exit.

Fire the wallet up again:

  • sudo ./tribed -daemon

Wait a few seconds and type:

  • sudo ./tribe-cli masternode status

The status files should show

'status' : 'Masternode successfully started'


Q: 'ACC 0' TX doesn't have 15 confirms

A: Wait and check the explorer. Currently, a restart of the daemon can help.

Q: 'Masternode waiting for remote activation' problem

A: Go to you local wallets debug console and type:

  • masternode start-alias {name}.
    On the vps perform:
  • sudo ./tribe-cli masternode status. Just in case restart the remote wallet.

Thank you for reading

It took me many hours of research for this article and even more hours to write it. I’d really appreciate upvotes, resteems or donations if you found it useful. for more insights please follow me on Telegram

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apt-get list was outdated, and because of that, apt could not get the dependencies in question. add sudo apt-get update to top of sudo apt-get upgrade

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