He was on watch list and warned before. Thanks for pointing it out again. He is banned now

@masterbot then you might also check:

Well that turned sour fast.

Edited: Watch list?

You sure none of these are your accounts, I would think so do to they all transfer to each other.


I would be careful with this.

Yeah some of those accounts are mine. @masterbank is my account for handling funds. @deepcrypto8 is exchange account. I have banned all other accounts from using this bot. If you still have any question you can ask on discord
My Business Partner Didn't Wanted His Name To Be Public

No man thanks for being honest, Just seemed funky.

I meant can you remove @jon24jon24 from the list. He doesn't want his name in there.

Why is @jcalumpit transferring to @jon24jon24 and vise-versa and @jcalumpit to @instagramsteem? If they are not connected?

  • 22 hours ago Transfer 30.000 SBD to jon24jon24
  • yesterday Transfer 50.000 STEEM to masterbank
  • 2 days ago Transfer 20.000 SBD to instagramsteem for you my friend.

Ill Just leave this here. Again Seems Funky.

Now the only reason I am posting this is because those other accounts are posting crap. They have only been using @masterbot

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