Behold the Mask

in #maskbullshit2 years ago

While sorting through my old medical kit I came across this sacred object!!
Imagine my joy to possess such a mystical talisman, an object with such magical powers that it can protect its wearer from all ills and barbs that may befall them. A blessing from the Church of the Government, its High Priest Fauci and the Bishops Cuomo, Whitmer, Murphy, Newsom, Pritzker, Evers and others that only True Believers are worthy to wear.
Now that I am no longer a nurse I don't feel worthy of its power and I will resign myself to live among the other less worthy souls who chose not to wear the Mask of Divine Invincibility that I was once gifted with to wearas a nurse.
Oh well, time to go outside to exercise my mind and body, then eat my healthy diet and offer prayers to ward off the dreaded WuWu Flu.

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