Penn State is Racist

in marykatesantalucia •  16 days ago 

Penn State Film student MaryKate made this video.

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Funny huh? "NOT"!!!
I see those students have only a few choices..

  1. Stop attending the school, and stop showing support through their presence.
  2. Fight against the situation (will be met with "hocus pokus" resistance)...
  3. Continue to attend the school and discover all the methods used against them, and fight and educate those they come into contact with..

And always remember, "any school" exsists to "forward the local enviornment" - no matter what that may be...

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I need to get this to news outlets. These students need protection.

Awareness of the situation would help. Though Penn State is known to the media, any claim will be met with resistance.

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The Walking Dead Zombies are the leftists, indeed. The good news, however, is that there is a cure, perhaps. It is called the red pill. So, it is like the Matrix movie. But patriots shouldn't get violent, physically, against progressive NPC robots. Try to ask them questions. Plant seeds in their hearts. Be very patient. But also, try your best to limit your time with them, perhaps.

I am Princess Lea my dad is military dad Darth Vader.
I am going do my best to get some Death Star Plans on open source..... sending out R2D2s now..... look for old battle designs which can be used in near future for REPARATIONS. We start with an APOLOGY to the People of Viet Nam.
We are sorry we hurt you Viet Nam. We love you, the American Girls. Our men acted like violent pigs in your country, and we ALLOWED the cover up too long.

Yeah. Exactly. Love the analogy. Love Star Wars. You know it.

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