Now at Level 36 with missions getting harder in Marvel Strike Force

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Another grinding day for me, i did complete my daily missions without any hassle since i have improved all my equipment and skills yesterday. Even i did spent too much resources, it really paid a lot that i did finish the mission really fast.

As of today, i am low in resources and i am completing missions which gives resources again so i could upgrade my other characters which are very crucial since there are missions or campaign that requires some random characters or specific team characteristics.

What i can say in this game is it is full of complexity, since you need to be well organized with your counterpart to be able to accomplished a mission especially those alliance raid. Without proper coordination and team strategy, less percentage for you and your team to complete an alliance raid mission.

During my run in alliance raid, i have zeroed out all my energy so i could clear the lower stages and have those upper stages clear by my lane partner. I did inflicted much damage, i even get into the upper spot on the damage ranking on our team alliance raid.

My Daredevil character really did a great job. Eliminating the enemies really fast by using his Tier 5 equipment and some level 3 skills.

Screenshot from my account in Marvel Strike Force

Second best character that have contributed too is Crossbones, he can tank at the same time can do area damage to opponents which is a really good skill.

Screenshot from my account in Marvel Strike Force

Here's a screenshot on the damage ranking list inside alliance raid. As of the moment i have inflicted around 150k but i am looking forward to increase it, i am just waiting for regeneration of my energy. I am looking forward to take the top spot.

Screenshot from my account in Marvel Strike Force

Inside alliance raid, we are near to completion, probably around 10 hours or more we can complete this mission.

Screenshot from my account in Marvel Strike Force

If you want to try this game, you can download this for free in Android and iOS. Take a shot and test the game Marvel Strike Force.


U are enjoying this game bro

yes, i really did enjoy it. hope you have some time and get it downloaded on your phone so you could try it yourself. =)

Yea.....thanks.....followed and upvoted

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