I'm now at level 26 and got a couple of good heroes

in #marvel5 years ago

I am too addicted with this game and i can't even put down my phone because of it. I am planning to gain the higher levels without spending some dollars since i want to be fair with others.

And so because of dedicating much of my time and also due to luck i have gain level 26 now in which i also upgraded my marvel characters both heroes and villains to the same level also.

I did a screenshot on my hero list and i am very proud of it.

screenshot on my account in Marvel Strike Force

screenshot on my account in Marvel Strike Force

With my current line up surely i can beat the stages my way up.

If you want to try this game, it is available via Android and iOS.


Hey Ho Brozini!

How's it going my friend? Still Mr. Marvel I see :D

Long time no read, came to say hi as your name just popped on my feed.


Wish you the best!

yeah. it has been long time.. @spiritualmax , i'm currently playing android game of marvel and started playing it. =)

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Ok i will try it

that is really good that you will try it. =)

I'm addicted to legendary, I must play it about 5 hours a day and I've run up some right credit card debt with it. haha. well we have to have perks in life don't we :)

ahhahah.. yes sometimes we are addicted to games. =)

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