During my Alliance Raid in Marvel Strike Force

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It is quite an hours of grinding on the game but it was really amazing that ii have gained new strategies from my fellow guild members in the alliance. I just recently joined but i do get many great ideas on how i can improve my game play and playing style.

I just realized the errors that i have executed on my day one and day two. I have done too many mistakes that shouldn't be done. Anyway, that is how the game play of a newbie gamer.

We are well coordinated on Facebook ground and Discord in every alliance raids. As of now i am catching up their levels, and probably i can match their current levels around three days or less. It just need some hard work and additional effort.

I have ran a alliance raid and i have complete my stages, and i can now waiting for my fellow guild member to complete the final boss on his range. I am confident that we can have a high rewards after he has defeated red skull.

Screenshot from my account in Marvel Strike Force

Here's my line up when during alliance raid. I put Daredevil in the front middle with the assistance of Punisher and Elektra that can sustain tremendous damage from enemies. Putting Shield Healer and Crossbones at the back which will do assistance to the front liners.

Screenshot from my account in Marvel Strike Force

If you want to try the game, you can download it for free in Android or iOS. Just give it a shot, who knows you will like the game.


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