My sister is going to get married and her future husband is leaving Venezuela.

in marriage •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello everybody, Vancry here with some news that are both happy and sad for me. My sister is going to get married next week! And I'm going to be my brother-in-law's best man apparently. Who knew! O.O

If anything I'm a little mad because our country's economy doesn't let them organize a propper wedding, but whatever. At least they'll be able to celebrate it with both of their families. That's awesome if you ask me!

The thing is... both my sister and her future husband are both just graduated doctors, which surprisingly don't make enough money to sustain themselves here in Venezuela. So they would have to leave if they want a normal life as a married couple with kids and everything. However, my sister hasn't received her title, so she cannot leave just yet. The plan is that he leaves first, and he would have to leave this month, and my sister would follow his steps in october since that's when she would get her title.

I'm kind of sad though. I don't want her to leave. She's my sister after all. But she has to. I'm just sad and mad that she has to leave like this...

But anyway. Thank you for your time reader! That's it for now. I'll report with more news soon enough!

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