Why Would Married Couple Chose Not To Bear Children Throughout Life?

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One might like to imagine society is becoming more accepting of families that deviate from expected social norms, buuuut...we're really not there yet. Despite the fact that US adults are increasingly delaying the decision to have children or forgoing parenthood entirely, new evidence suggests that voluntarily child-free people are still stigmatized. 

Data suggests that not having children is seen not only as atypical, or surprising, but also as morally wrong.

Morally wrong. So now it's not only okay to try and control what a woman does with her body, but also to judge what a married couple does with their fuckparts.

Although demographers predict many millennial parents will eventually get married, our generation has come to view the institution of marriage a bit differently than our parents and grandparents did. While marriage used to be a way out of the family home and into a life of one's own, we're now in the era of emerging adulthood; getting hitched is no longer the only viable option.

For the more cynical among us, "tax breaks" are often touted as one of the more compelling reasons to get married, as opposed to just moving in together and calling it a day. 

People in the study described it as a “working decision,” happening over the course of a person’s life and influenced by childhood experiences, personal attitudes, conversations with partners and observing people with children.

For some people, the motivation not to have kids was very similar to the motivation many parents cite for having them: a longing to have a strong relationship in their lives.

This was a more common theme among men. They really considered how parenting would impact their lives and what they would have to give up if they had children. An impromptu trip to Paris, skydiving lessons or a cute convertible for two might be out if you have a baby at home.

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