A busy day at home | Day 15 of 90

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Yesterday, I was getting to know more about my wedding photo and video shoot. And today, I was at home the whole day asking for quotation for my make up.

I have asked different people and here are the list of quotation I got.

No 1

3 June 2020
Bridal Actual Day Makeup & Hairstyling for dinner reception (1 session) – RM800
Makeup venue: Gwenda Wong Makeup Studio Academy.
Time: Finish by ___

6 June 2020
Bridal Actual Day Makeup & Hairstyling for morning ceremony & dinner reception (2 sessions) – RM1000
Add on hair changing & touch up 1 session (dinner) – RM250
On-site charge: RM50 (to my house)

7 June 2020
Bridal Actual Day Makeup & Hairstyling for noon reception (1 session) – RM800
Time: Finish before 2.30pm

Total charge: RM800 + RM1000 + RM250 + RM50 + RM800 = RM2900


Trial make up RM300 (But it's free once you have placed deposit, confirmed to engage my service. Complimentary, not transferable. )
3/6 dinner reception
6/6 morning Chinese traditional & church
6/6 dinner reception
Rm1200 + RM180
7/6 afternoon reception
RM750 + RM180
Total is RM3060


⚠(KK AREA ONLY) other than kk area, extra charges for outstation fees ⚠
💄 Bridal makeup :

☀/🌙 Rm500 - 1 session actual day makeup (Morning / Night)
☀&🌙 Rm900 - 2 session actual day makeup (Morning & Night)
Rm200 - add on hairstyle changing & touch up makeup ( 2nd session during morning / night)
Rm1300 - whole day services (4 hairstyle)
Rm1500 - 2 days 1 nite outstation package (expenses not included)

Tonight Im heading to my cousin's house for the Chinese 开门厨, can't actually wait to meet all my relatives.