History And Implications of Honeymoon For Marriages Today

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Hello again my wonderful followers and fellow steemians. I have no doubt you are having a great time.

Today, I bring you my research based thoughts on honeymoon and it's implications on marriages today.

You are probably salivating already. I hope you find it informative and interesting. Let's quickly get going.

What is Honeymoon?

Honeymoon is a vacation that gives new couples opportunity to tune away from the rest of the world and remain in the loving company and blissful cuddle of each other.


It is a vacation most newly wedded couples look forward to and even plan ahead for.

Although it is the first vacation newly weds spend together and in the privacy of each other, it is one vacation with a long but not too interesting history.

Honeymoon traces back it's origin to a few theories, many of which have differing opinions about the love vacation.

One of such theories has it that it was possible for marriage to take place when a man abducted a woman and escaped with her to a far distance away from her family and friends. Men usually did this in an attempt to avoid a possible reprisal from the woman's relatives and with the hope that the woman will get pregnant by the end of the month.


Couple then begin to drink fermented honey called mead at that time, as it is said to have properties that can increase the chance of getting pregnant.

This kind of marriage, also known as marriage by abduction, marriage by capture or bridal kidnapping occurred frequently in many parts of the world especially in the primitive era and it's still being practised today in some parts.

Bridal kidnapping has been practiced in certain parts of the world and throughout history. It continues to occur in countries in central Asia, the Caucasus region, and parts of Africa, and among people as diverse as Hmong in Southeast Asia, the Tzeltal in Mexico, and the Romania in Europe. - Wikipedia

So, sometimes the groom will pray, hope and do everything needed for the woman to become pregnant before he can return back home.

At other times, he would wait patiently until the bride's relatives give up the chase and only then would he return.

In more recent times however, the man would pay the customary bride price and organise a little ceremony before abducting the woman away.

“... later, it became customary for the groom to pay the father a bride price beforehand and to have a public ceremony before completing the ‘abduction’.” -Susan Waggoner

As civilization would have it, this primitive behaviour gradually paved way for a more refined approach but then, the act of going away had already stuck hence honeymoon.

But what implications does honeymoon have on marriages today?

Without doubt, Honeymoon has some far reaching implications on weddings today.

  • Honeymoon helps newlyweds to refresh and relax thereby taking off on the right note in marriage. It helps couples to cool off from the strain and stress of the days preceding the wedding.

  • At the outset, couples might feel tensed in the presence of each other. I once attended a wedding engagement where the wife blatantly refused to kiss her groom (out of shyness) at the signal of the clergyman. Honeymoon takes away tension and shyness from both parties and gradually eases couples into smooth physical relationship. It serves as a medium for gradual transition of both parties into a relaxed physical exploration of each other. This will in turn foster quick bonding with each other which is very good for marriage.

  • Honeymoon is a perfect medium for sweet romance. As a husband myself, I must tell you how blazingly hot those first moments together with my “treasure” actually were. Those moments actually leave some awesome memories in our minds capable of keeping us going in the stormy days.


  • In today's busy world, the importance of uninterrupted one-on-one communication cannot be overemphasised especially for the female folks. Honeymoon is a great platform for uninterrupted one-on-one communication. Good communication in marriage without doubts will foster a better understanding of each other thereby leading to a successful, till-death-do-us-part kind of marriage.

  • Again, honeymoon is a fertile platform for procreation. For couples ready to make babies already, this love vacation together is a huge platform to start. Children making would also encourage togetherness and therefore a long lasting marriage.

In all, I think honeymoon is a marriage-friendly practice. It has overall positive implications for marriage.

Despite the crude, unpalatable history behind it, honeymoon has evolved to become a one-stop vision for every marriage intending individual.

So guys, where would love to have your honeymoon?

Do you desire one?

Did you have it already?

Would you rather not have it?

What other version of honeymoon history can you tell us?

Do you think overall, honeymoon has positive implications on marriage or negative?

Do you think abducting a lady away from her family for the sole purpose of marriage is barbaric or romantic?

Let the discussion begin!

Thank you so much for reading.

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Hehe I intend to get married to Jessica and I've loved the idea of honeymoon should we say bridal kipnaping just like every young man out thr now I'll share my ideal honey moon

So guys, where would love to have your honeymoon?

Do you desire one?

Did you have it already?

Would you rather not have it?

What other version of honeymoon history can you tell us?

So I intend to kidnap Jessica just after our wedding then we plan a private trip together
We get to choose hotels, vineyard, maybe a secluded beach, rolling hillside, or anything in between. We make use of the local market we might want to pick out few of our favorite food items. Lol alcohol!! Hmm maybe we will pick a bottle of wine or champagne and make a toast to our new life together.

We Watch the Sunset together I mean an unforgettable sunsets, especially the ones that will feature a dazzling array of colors.

Then we have dinner with a view, a romantic and an amazing meal with a jaw-dropping vantage point.

Most importantly we make a diary
It's not like we get to write our thoughts and feelings on a journal, we just Keep a honeymoon diary we can create a scrapbook. Then make it a point to fill in each day one from my point of view and one from Jessica's. Then we don't read any of them till the end of the trip. We will put them together to make a really fun honeymoon memory we add pictures, captions, souvenirs just to make sure it's a honeymoon we will never forget.

Your comment throws me off my chair @dreamchasser for laughter... Lol... Just can't stop laughing.

This is a raw and vivid description of your activities on your wedding night.

Wow! You got it all planned out already.

This is cool and I really hope Jessie gets to see this... Amazing stuff @dreamchasser. Thank you for so much for stopping by. :)

Hello @diskorvery

Your post just remind me of those wonderful moments.

Honeymoon helps newlyweds to refresh and relax thereby taking off on the right note in marriage. It helps couples to cool off from the strain and stress of the days preceding the wedding.

After several years of waiting and praying, you finally have your dream babe in your arms, is full of fun. Honey moon is a period to build the home, as in whatever experience gather during that period cannot be easily erased.

I love your post and i look forward to reading more from you.

Wow! We finally have someone here speaking from the experience angle.... Lol.

After several years of waiting and praying, you finally have your dream babe in your arms, is full of fun.

Honestly speaking, it's so thrilling

.....as in whatever experience gather during that period cannot be easily erased.

The experiences of those moments really are indelible. Still remember mine like it's yesterday.

Little wonder every marriage intending individual looks forward to this love vacation.

Thank you so much for your comment @maintain4real-eu. I really appreciate it.

It is good to have you here @diskovery
At least you are now my mentor on marital stuffs 👫👄

The art of bridal abduction is romantic to me thereby making modern day honeymoon more desirous. Everyday would be a honeymoon for me and my to-be-honeyman... Lol🙈🙈

Hahaha.... Thank you @aderonkemi for stopping by. So you'd love to be abducted?

Well, in modern times such as these it may not be as crude as it was originally done. It could actually be romantic...

The ideal thing is actually for every couple to aim for every day honeymoon in their Marriages.

Yes it's very possible!

You may not leave home but the aura around your home could be transformed to reflect vacation..... More like a little change in the normal order of the home you know.

Like.... Maybe some candles lights, soft music and wall papers could be used to create something different from the norm.

Then relatives away. :)

Lol... The children away too?? Anyway, marriage sounds like fun. I want to get married soon!

We're expecting the wedding bell to ring dear. Until then, keep steeming!

Very interesting piece!
Although I am yet to walk down the path, but I eagerly anticipate it. Maybe then, I would be able to have a very vivid ideology about Honeymooning or Bride abduction. Thanks for sharing @diskorvery.

Hahaha.... @rickie don't tell us you haven't thought about that wedding night yet.....where and how you intend to spend it. What activities you'll be engaging in and so on... Bring it on boss, let the #discussion continue... Lol.

In Venezuela this honeymoon thing has been suffering changes because of critical economic situation, so there is not enough money to do a nice wedding party, and young couple prefer collect gifts in cash and use it to buy they first house stuffs. Other do not have a party, just get married, make a toast, and with the party's money, take their bags and go for they honeymoon. I think honeymoon can't be missed away its importance must not be taken lightly, go and enjoy.

Well honeymoons are just IT for me.... marriage without honeymoon is like Swallowing eba without Soup😁, there will be lots of gallops on the way down.

Nice post @diskovery

Long post after long time... Keep going:) haha

Oh! So you noticed @geetasnani. Really, I thank for being such a committed follower. Efforts would be doubled to keep rolling out the good contents and hey, stay glued here okay? BTW, would you rather not have a honeymoon @geetasnani and why?

WOW! As I read your blog it gives me the chills and exciting feeling again to have another honeymoon with my husband as 'mother&father'. But of course not to procreate a life-being at the moment, yet! LOL, I guess married couples with children also needs this one too, the uninterrupted one-on-one communication and relaxing on a scenic view of Bahamas. You know! A short escape from 'adulting duties' for a while! ;) nice blog!

great post, as usual!

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