Honeymoon in Bali

in marriage •  2 months ago

We had dreamed of our Honeymoon being in beautiful Bali, before we got married. There's many beautiful beaches, amazing culture, art and very old architecture. So I surprised my wife & took her there. My wife's parents who are from Indonesia are very poor & never could afford to go on a Honeymoon so hadn't ever been to Bali even though they live so close. I decided as a wedding present to bring them along giving them the Honeymoon they didn't get because of their sacrifice to provide for their family patiently waiting over 20 years until last year.

Rebecca & ChristopherIMG-20170712-WA0022.jpgIMG-20180526-WA0023.jpgIMG-20170712-WA0026.jpgIMG-20180526-WA0015.jpgIMG-20170712-WA0024.jpg

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