Women Can Do Better Than Men : Consequences Of This Words

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Yes, we're women, we're strong, beautiful and passionate. Yes, what men can do women can do better.


Africa culture believes that, no matter how educated a woman is, she will still ends in the kitchen cooking for her husband. These mentality is pushing so many ladies to be against marriage.

Thinking of this, most young ladies in Africa think, they cannot slave themselves while in school, sweating and with hardwork to get their degree, and then the society is now expecting them to get married without using their degrees.

With the African system of education, it's not easy to be given admission to university talkless of obtaining a degree. Education used to be the key until connection changed the lock. Most young ladies wants to use their degree and becoming a working class woman with their own money, cars and if it's possible their own house before getting married.


During the time of our fore fathers (olden days) even till now, the belief is that a man is the head of the house, he is suppose to provide for his family without the help of his wife which makes the women to be dependent on her husband. But now in the 21st century, women wants to be equal with their man, they wants to be able to provide as much as he does, wants to relieve him some of the bundle of being the head of the family. But it's a taboo in Africa for a woman to be richer than her husband, to be equal with her husband because believe is that he is the head of the house and he should be able to provide for his family.

If a lady is between the age of 25-35years old and she's not married, the pressure will be too much on her because in a Africa home, it is expected of her to be married within that period of age.

In the olden days, African culture thinks it's not fruitful to send female child to school because they think it's a waste of time, money and energy because with all the degrees obtained by her, she will later use it at her husband's house. Which is very wrong, these as a reason why these female children fight for their future, to show them that what a man can do a women can do a lot better.

A man can be a Surgeon, a woman can be a Surgeon too. There are female Astronauts, female Marine, female Air Forces and so many more.

In this technology world we're now, these young men in Africa wants to live the life celebrities are living, which means, they want to have children without getting married. In these case, they have baby Mama's without marrying them.
With this wistful thinking, these young educated ladies, now wanted to have kids without getting married because the guys outside aren't in the market for marriage and because it's what is trending.

Having obtaining everything a lady wishes, things like a job that pays very well, has her own car, has her own money what is expected of her is to get married but with the unserious guys that are everywhere now puts a stop to that. No woman, I repeat no woman doesn't want to get married but as the Adage will says "It's better to wait long than to marry wrong" which brings us back to getting pregnant without getting married.


The consequences of these words : "What a man can do a woman can do better " is pushing these ladies to show themselves, to have voice in the community, be their own woman, which is not a bad thing but there should be a limit. In these world we're the men rules. In a black skinned country you can't expect to see a female leader, because they will always block her before she reaches the top, that's just the way it is.

African parents should stop putting pressure on their daughters to get married. " It's better to wait long than to marry wrong " these is why some marriages does not last long because they did not take their time to get to know each other very well because of the pressure puts on them.

African men, their is nothing bad for your wife to be educated and be a career woman, she just wants to be able to contribute financially and not burden you with everything.

And we women, their is nothing bad for us to chase our dreams, to be ourselves, we just have to make sure their is limit to everything we're doing.

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