He is out to inspire!- Steemgigs talk show with @surpassinggoogle

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I am not feeling well these days. My head is aching and my body is in pain. Maybe this is the late effect of 28 hours straight of no sleep. I thought I would be all fine after I slept for 13 hours straight. Yet weeks later, here I am a little bit sad because of discomfort.

Things add up when just last Sunday, ( when my body was weaker ) I decided to sleep early. I checked first on my little Fabio before I set my self to bed. I never thought my husband @juichi would do that to me! Can you guess what he did in the middle of my peaceful sleep? (hmmm... not what you think... lol! ) O my! Sadly, in the middle of my dream, at around 12 a.m Philippine time, I was awakened by a super loud talking that it got me immediately out from bed! (I thought someone was fighting).

He did place a loudspeaker under my bed ( it wasn't a joke, it was really loud!) as he was listening to the talk show with @surpassinggoogle at steemgigs discord. I was in shocked! Felt like, " how dare you, my dear! What's wrong with you?"
And guess what? All he did as a response to my half closed eyes was just as a smile ( as if nothing happened ).

So I lost my hope to sleep back. I wanted to shout and scream like there is no more tomorrow...whaaaa! ( there was no way to put off those loudspeakers, as he was just smiling back at me.) So I got up and drunk water to calm my troubled soul. When I sat down beside him, with a smile on his face he told me, "let's listen together." O my! I'm so sorry dear, my senses were super loading at that time. I was so slow to realize it was actually his way of telling me to join with him.

Attending the talk show was really unplanned. If I'm not mistaken, it wasn't announced I guess, or I just forgot due to my physical discomfort ( I was no longer attentive during those days). But I was very glad I was able to attend to it. Thanks to you my dear.

I love you Karen

( the code phrase in this talk show)

I'm pretty sure I missed something or a lot of things already, ( I just woke up quick!) but let me tell you still that this talk show was dedicated to @mermaidvampire, her life story, her present struggles and even her life before. From being always working outside but now she has to work at home. The reason this talk show was dedicated to her and for her to gain more friends.

@surpassinggoogle said,

"Take one step at a time. When you are in a queue, always wait for your turn. You can't just jump and do insert while others are seriously waiting for their turn. If you do you'll be in trouble!"
Be keen to learn the ways on how steemit works. Many of them can't be found in the books. Your post has got power so at a point forget payments.

So there is no loss and learning is the ultimate earning.

His dream was to tell people to come on board so they can be able to enjoy it too. Aja!

I just had a short grasped on it, but really...

I was there!




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Patience will take you a long way. Do not rush things for there is order in everything. When it is your time to shine then make the best out of it.

I hope you are better by now. I have been missing out in these talks. I hope to join again sometime.

True, take one day at a time. Pana-panahon lang talaga yan😊
Thanks for visiting my friend. Every Sunday at 12:00a.m is the schedule for this talk show... have sometime to join with us, be inspired as well. aja!

Mukhang di nanaman ako makakajoin haha! Pero tingnan natin. Many things can happen between now and then :D

hmmp...what's in you pic? is that an owl?
manok , ibon?...magandang umaga 😅

Haha! Owl yan. Bumibisita sa amin dati pero ngayon wala naman. Once a year pumpunta dito.

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