I bought and staked 1000 marlians..I should do this more often.

in #marlians5 years ago (edited)

It's not so hard to see how great steem tribes are to the community. I have participated in some of them and like everyone else I have my favorites right now. Most tribes are supportive and they are upto something bigger on this platform. I have participated in sportstalk, realityhub, steemzzang, creativecoin neoxian city and marlians.
I just bought 1000 marlians and staked them. I will more 1500 today to increase on my stake.
I think we should all check out these tribes to see which one suits your content and intentions.


Totally agreed! That is a good investment for you. Not only that, but you are bolstering the exposure of Marlians and rewarding the growing community as your votes will be more valuable for others.

I love how the tribes are inclusive and the more cooperation between them makes everyone win. Marlians covering all tags and tribes makes the most sense.


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