Pay For Gigs, Custom-Requests, Microtasks With The 'MARLIANS' Tokens. I Will Avail Of Some. This Is For Everyone!

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In recent times, the going has been so bad especially with regards to my health and fitness. This is not new. came about in these times and i grew weaker, which isn't new.

In the last two weeks or so, i haven't been able to be actively present on, i kept growing weak. This doesn't mean there is no healing. It just means that i am off and on, and working towards attaining a healing. It is a gradual process but it will happen. is a long term project focused primarily on 'real human growth' as opposed to bulls or bears. This is why we are building around a solid 'growing' core made up of humans i.e our greylist of certified uloggers. 

However, this also comes with long-term effort on my part especially at the outset. It is the harder route but it can be testimonial. At the outset, we need to instill 'love for and what it represent' in 'certified uloggers' (for a start), till they start to take on the mantle of ownership, relishing the success of the project. This is going to be a slow and gradual process.

Now that i have not been fit, that has been hard but ongoing. 

If you missed out on my last update regarding, please watch this video:

In general, i believe that we will succeed. It will just be slow and this particular success isn't measured primarily in 'bulls or bears'. We will take keen interest instead in 'real human growth'. 

Speaking of the MARLIANS token, you will have noticed that we have a feed labelled 'STEEMGIGS' on ''. This is one more feed that intends to give the MARLIANS token some utility. 

Basically, it will display posts like 'gigs, microtasks, task requests etc' that accept/pays in MARLIANS. This is a beauty.

Recall, You can simply go on there and create a gig, microtask or custom request and choose 'MARLIANS' (for pricing) but please remember to add in '#marlians' as one of tags before you publish your post, enabling your post to appear on

Where it is inconvenient for you to publish your 'gig, microtask or custom request' via, you can do so via or whatever steem-interface you like but in that case, make sure to add in '#steemgigs and #marlians' among your tags.

We will look to curate these posts too and more importantly, i will like to avail of your gigs to create awareness. 

This means that i will buy some MARLIANS on the exchange to pay with. 

Note that on, 'everyone has something to offer'. It is not for 'only experts', meaning that you don't have to be an expert to offer a gig. Plus, you can create simple fun gigs to hone your expertise, attempt something or simply to have fun or inspire a dream etc. 

Also note that on, you can also create 'custom requests or microtasks' en-route 'building your dream' and you can request to pay participants in MARLIANS

Below, i will leave some sample 'gigs, custom requests, microtasks' to help you establish that 'everyone has something to offer' and help you exercise or explore your inventivity.

Gig Sample

  • I will help you create a list of all your old posts for 300 MARLIANS
  • I will write your brand name or website on my classboard for 400 MARLIANS
  • I will help you translate your post to chinese for 500 MARLIANS
  • I will write your username on a beach in MIAMI for 600 MARLIANS.
  • I will take pictures of my locations for you, for 700 MARLIANS.
  • I will re-enact your script in a video for 600 MARLIANS.
  • I will show your 10 working airdrops for 1000 MARLIANS.
  • I will write your articles for 1000 MARLIANS.
  • I will design your logo for 1000 MARLIANS.

Custom Request Sample

  • Help me proofread my post, for 500 MARLIANS
  • Help me design my logo, for 1000 MARLIANS
  • Help me donate your old books to children, for 10000 MARLIANS
  • Write a review of my website, for 5000 MARLIANS.
  • Print my business-card and distribute it in your location, for 100000 MARLIANS

Microtask sample

  • Help me resteem my steem post, for 100 MARLIANS
  • Follow me on twitter, for 100 MARLIANS.
  • Suggest me a slogan, for 100 MARLIANS.

You get the idea!

I will look for these entries on '' and look to curate them and i will certainly like to avail of these gigs too etc. In that case, i will be buying MARLIANS from the market to pay for these gigs.

And you can too. The more such posts we have, the better. If you publish these genre of posts 'via', it is better because these posts are searchable on the site, even after 7 days. The site has a search-engine and maintains a database of these gigs. Simply add in '#marlians', if you are publishing your post via, so that we can find them on

Stay awesome.

Your boy Terry


Support Us

  • Kindly support the 'steemgigs' witness here. It is currently ranked '53'.
  • Get some MARLIANS here and help us with curation on
  • If you would like further insight into what is going on with me and how you can help, kindly read this publication.
  •  Please subscribe to UloggersTV i.e this YouTube channel.
  • Join us on the tribe. Add in #marlians to your steem posts.

Awesome developments here on Marlians. We in @Steemchurch are praying for you and supporting your dreams.
Our #goldencenserdaily challenge anchored by @Writeandearn share MARLIANS as rewards. With this GIgs to be rewarded with MARLIANS we see a GROWTH.

Be strong and courageous!


@steemchurch? Wonderful, i haven't heard about it. I'll check it all out.

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We are already helping to boost the value of MARLIANS. On daily basis, we give MARLIANS Upvotes as rewards to a Daily Contest. This is welcomed development.

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wish hopefully get well soon ! @surpassinggoogle 💙 ♬

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I wish you better soon and all your dreams and projects come true.
A hug

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@surpassinggoogle, It's reflecting slow but to rise hard and with light, initial journey reflects slow. Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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I wish you better soon

Great development to the tribe. I wish you health.

I will soon be putting up my first steemgig.

"I will send a birthday card, anniversary card, congratulations card, etc, to anyone of your choice for xxxxx Marlians"

I plan on selling them at cost which is the card $1.00 USD plus the stamp $0.55USD within the US or $1.15 international.

I have been sitting on this project for a bit, but your post put it back into my radar.

Thanks for the work.

The human is important, and this tribe is important.

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Hi, the request "Help me design my logo, for 1000 MARLIANS" fits to me, how can I get in contact with you to help me with that? How would you go for this microtask? Where to find good people for this?

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