Series A is the territory of Duván Zapata

in #marlians4 years ago

There is no debate. Duván Zapata is the man of the Serie A. El Toro, a figurine in the Atalanta win over Lecce (2-7) when converting a triplet, became the first Colombian player to reach 10 or more goals in four seasons this Sunday different from the competition, beating his teammate Luis Fernando Muriel, who decorated the scoreboard on the end of the engagement.

Zapata, who reached the figure of 74 goals in the Italian league in 183 games, now becomes a real headache for Gian Piero Gasperini facing the game on March 10 in Mestalla, corresponding to the return of the round of 16 Champions League final.


But let's go first. And it is that without a doubt a Bull is loose in Bergamo. He is not afraid of anything. Much less to the coronavirus. Duván begins the third month of the year with three goals, something he did not achieve in Serie A since last January 20, 2019, when he scored four on the Paseo del Atalanta 0-5 to Frosinone.

While he is still far from his best scoring record (23 in 2018-19), Zapata already matched what he did with Sampdoria in 2017-18 (11) and surpassed his 10-goal mark with Udinese (2016-17 ). And without a doubt, Series A is the territory of Duván Zapata.

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