Hernán Crespo desvela las tres veces que pudo fichar por el Real Madrid

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Hernán Crespo has surprised in an interview with The Tactical Room counting the three times he could sign for Real Madrid. However, the former footballer never got to wear white.

The first was when he played for Lazio, after leaving Parma, but Real Madrid chose another striker. "In 2002 I played in Lazio and it was Ronaldo or I to go to Madrid. They took Ronaldo and I went to replace him at Inter. If Ronaldo had stayed at Inter I would have signed for Real Madrid," he explained.

The second time he had a chance was seven years later. The problem, in this case, was the duration of the contract. Ramón Calderón, then president of Real Madrid, faced his final year in command of the Spanish team and the club was in a delicate moment.

"The second was in January 2009, the first season of José Mourinho at Inter. I came looking for Real Madrid, but they made me a contract for only six months because they had elections. I did not accept," he recalled.

Finally, Crespo commented the third time it could have been Real Madrid, although he had already retired. It would have been like Carlo Ancelotti's second: "I didn't work for PSG, but for Ancelotti. I watched the games, made reports and gave him my vision of the team. I did it many times watching the games on television at home. The idea was that He was his assistant at Real Madrid, we had talked, but Florentino Pérez wanted to put Zidane in that place and let's say he was right


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