Delegate 5sp to this promising project and get a good amount of HBO token back

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Source this amazing project started an airdrop/token drop and they want you to be part of this token distribution.
In this blog, I will show you how you can earn a good amount of tokens just by delegating some of your spare/unused SP(Steem Power)

1.) delegate a minimum 5sp to account and get a 500 HBO token reward.
Delegate 5sp now Click here
2.) send 0.001 steem/sbd to and put this as memo: I am referred by @ruah and delegated 5+ SP to

both of us will get another 1000 HBO token as a bonus reward.

3.) refer steem users and get another set of tokens.

Right now the HBO token is worth 0.00052 steem

  • 1k HBO token will worth 0.52 steem

Don't forget to send the referral memo to or else you won't receive the extra 1000 HBO.

For new user, you can follow these steps
1.) Click your profile icon on the top right then click wallet.

2.) Click the arrow-down button right behind the steem then click the transfer

3.) Just follow and fill the blanks as the photo below.

IMPORTANT!! reward distribution will be held on August 1st 2019, and delegation must remain delegated before the token distribution.

if you are new to steem and don't have an SP yet, you can refer your friend sthat can delegate some spare SP to earn more HBO token for every referrals

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