RealityHubs need Moderators

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It's been a week since the RealityHubs community came into existence and ever since then, the traction from the Steem community has been tremendous.

With the traction so far, we currently foresee a situation where the current human resources we have may not be able to handle the ever-growing RealityHubs community. Since our vision remains "to build a platform of intellectual individuals," we need people of like minds, who can work with us to achieve a common goal.

What is our Goal?

We prioritize the value of all unique users of the RealityHubs platform. It is our aim that all existing, and potential users of the RealityHubs get excellent personal, and interpersonal relationship with us.

We are poised to structure the management of the community better. The reason is so that the organization's affairs are handled with the requisite professionalism and expertise. This brings us to the rationale behind this post.

Active Moderators Needed on RealityHubs

RealityHubs is seeking for moderators for the platform who would be professional, proficient and skillful in carrying out the functions required of them.

Are you:

  • a lover and reviewer of products?
  • someone who loves to try out new things?
  • honest in the discharge of your duties?
  • able to spend time on the platform?
  • a team player?
  • experienced in moderation of forums and groups?

If you fit into at least 75% of these, then you are who we are looking for!


  • You get the chance to work with and in a team ready to change the narratives!
  • You'll get weekly reward ---- RHB tokens.

How to Apply

If you believe strongly in your innate abilities and possess the qualities we seek, then give this your best shot.

To apply, write a precise application post with the RealityHubs tag telling us why you wish to apply for this position and what you plan to bring to the table. Drop the link to your application on #reality-mod-application in our discord server. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more info, please join our discord channel

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Looking forward for this champ! Regards.

This is a great opportunity to all members I try submit to this position.

Nice... This needs to be heard....

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good luck :)

Am I eligible to apply?💖

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Anyone can apply. 😉

This is good news to me and everyone who believe in skills and creativity.

yes i want to join.

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@knowledges what does the mod role actually entail?

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Hy, @tobias-g. The moderators will engage in scrutinizing contents as they get posted to the platform.
They scan for any form of abuses which include plagiarism, vote farming, and unrelated contents using the #realityhubs tag.
The moderators also collect exceptional reviews for manual curation (reward).