You have right to be motivated

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"I trust the Next Chapter because I
am the Author." - - - Abhimanyu Mukherjee

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Tomorrow maybe Unknown, Uncertain and Unpredictable, but Successful are those who Live like they will Die Today, but Plan like they will Live another 80 years. Quick Fact: YOU are Responsible for (your) Tomorrow. It’s going to be Hard, but Hard and Impossible are two different words. So, here is my 3-step process to Making Tomorrow: 1. PLAN: Picture it, Write it, Envision it, Run it in your Mind's Mind! 2. Remove OBSTACLES: recognise Roadblocks and Challenges on your path and sort them out early. Never underestimate the power of your Village People (VP). 3. SHOOT: everything in the world bows to Consistently Massive Action. Poor shot? Fair Shot? Low-Budget shot? Just shoot that damn Shot!
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