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Many of us are using Actifit to record our daily activity and earn some tokens. There are two similar apps I want to introduce and they are Sweatcoin and Charity Miles! By using these two apps, you can help those people who are in need just by your daily activities and exercise.

Sweatcoin is an app that let you to earn Sweatcoins when you are walking or doing exercise. The coins can be used for some discounts of merchandise and purchase of certain items. You can even buy an iPhone or iWatch merely using Sweatcoin, though it would be very difficult.


There are a number of crowdfunding projects that you can support by donating Sweatcoin.



I have already donated a lot of coins to the project which helps to install a solar water filter and water well for two rural villages in Tanzania.


Another app I would like to introduce is Charity Miles, it's an app to support different charity causes by exercising. You can choose whichever projects you would like to support and start walking. It's easy and you don't even need to write words like on Actifit. So why don't help those in need when you are exercising with Actifit already?

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The Sweatcoin App is not yet useable here in Uganda, let me try the Charity Miles App.

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