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Hello my Steemit friend,


Let's get STEEM listed on Crypto.com and let STEEM be known to an additional million of cryptocurrency users:

They are currently inviting the crypto community to make suggestions of the digital assets that they want to be added to the website's wallet. As their CEO previously mentioned. Crypto.com has an advanced infrastructure that allows for the fast onboarding of new digital assets without compromising on security. The CEO also stated that they intend to expand their portfolio to include all virtual currencies.

Why Crypto.com?

Crypto.com app is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet where you can buy and sell 7 fiat and 53 cryptocurrencies with SWIFT transfer worldwide. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency, and send to your friends with just a click. It currently reaches an milestone of one million users and having their celebration events. They also have some awesome functions like EARN, CREDIT and INVEST inside their app.

It's an established cryptocurrency firm with over 170 employees worldwide, working hard to bring cryptocurrency to mass adoption.

Most importantly, Crypto.com has a VISA card available in the United States, Singapore and Europe, which can let you spend your cryptocurrency in REAL LIFE, enjoying a meal in your favourite restaurant or buying a drink.

You can even cash out with a regular ATM:

We all know that one of Steem's slogans is "Blog, get paid!" But in reality very few people outside really believe the values in STEEM(Yeah you have to admit it, some of them even don't believe in Bitcoin)

So, how about "Blog, get paid!" and "SPEND ANYWHERE". If STEEM gets listed on Crypto.com, it will definitely be nice to many existing STEEM Dapp users. They can immediately share how they can spend STEEM in their daily life, and it can definitely attract more people to the ecosystem.

So, why don't fill in the form and give it a try for a FREE LISTING? We need our voice to be heard! Let's do it together! MAKE STEEM GREAT AGAIN

It's time to show the POWER of OUR COMMUNITY


Application form: https://crypto.com/en/listing.html

Of course, preferably it should be the Steem team to fill in the form( @elipowell, @ned, @steem.marketing, @birdinc, @andrarchy)

To know more about the app, you can read my articles below:

Their twitter celebration campaign: https://steemit.com/cn/@htliao/win-usd1-000-usd-worth-of-bitcoin-every-wed-and-fri-let-s-join-crypto-com-latest-celebration-event-to-get-a-chance

How to use the earn function and create passive income yourself: https://steemit.com/mco/@htliao/up-to-12-p-a-with-stable-coins-let-s-try-out-crypto-com-app-for-passive-income


I would not mind the idea of implementing crypto into the real world at a more deeper level and using it to pay for goods and products. Ad think that this should commence at some stage!

Yes, and I actually see the cards work! It works!

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Great idea. I'm a fan of Crypto.com and am waiting for my credit card.

I've submitted an application for Steem listing on the Crypto.com form. Cryptocom Listing Application Form.jpg

Great idea. Too bad they don't seem to have an option to vote for your favorite coin. If they did, we could mount a campaign.

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Yes, that’s sad that they don’t hv a voting page, but I hope the Steem team can submit the form as the listing is free. Just cost them sometime to fill in the form. (Or maybe many forms submitted they will get noticed too, I dunno haha)

full support

Appreciate that!!!

Support! I love Crypto.com too. The MCO Visa card is very convenient for crypto users to make payments in daily lives.

Indeed! It even supports other functions like invest and earn, though not in every country.

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This is a great idea! I signed up for the MCO card long ago when it first came out. I love it!

Glad to know about that! It’s really nice to see crypto being used in daily life

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Yes! This is a very welcome addition for the Steemit community.

Cool thanks for supporting the crypto community.

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The votes are dynamic, meaning they will change as the SP changes. Currently I am adjusting the votes so please bear with me as I find a balance for the SP to allow a fair vote for all :)

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That’s fine. I have read the post by @ocdb and I know what you guys are doing, seems not bad for the future of the platform. (Though I have been downvoted for several times T^T) Appreciate your effort in delivering a better STEEM.

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