Letting your crypto work for you part: part II

in #marlians4 months ago

Last week I decided to try out the Celsius network so that some of my long term investment cryptos would work for me in stead of the other way around. Regardless of the APR, this is always better than just letting it set in your wallet!

First payday

I did stake the following coins on Celsius. ETH, XLM, BCH and a very small part of BTC. I did choose for the first 3 to get the divs in the native coins, while the BTC is paid out in Celsius!

Not a lot have been deposit there. But I did make sure that it was over $600 so that I would get the deposit bonus, which is the equivalent of $50 in BTC. I do believe that this deposit bonus is still valid.

This did result into a mighty payday of $0.32. But like it said this is way better than nothing. Also the coins weren't staked during the full week. So next week should be a higher income.
The BTC I do have there are the ones I did earn by letting the Cryptotabbrowser running. I do have another withdrawal request running there. I will withdraw there as much as possible. The advantage is that there is no withdrawal fee and the withdrawal limit is pretty low. The idea is too move all the BTC earned by faucets to there.


One step further!

Yesterday I did purchase some extra BNB, so that I would have a total stack of 1 BNB. In the old days I would just let them in one of my wallet collecting nothing. This time with the idea of Celsius in my mind, I decided to stack them on Binance. These are locked now for 30 days and will give my an APY of 7.2%. Again not much, but again better than letting them sleep in your wallet.

And yes, I do understand the risk that an exchange or crypto app can get hacked. But I am willing to take that risk.
These are big steps for me and I should have done them much earlier! I was just loosing out on free money!

How are you investing your crypto?