Otaniel: The definition

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A friend once asked me, what the meaning of Otaniel is, well this question came up as a result of a wish to have a coin in my name in the near future. Othcoin I call it, and the name originated from the name otaniel

Funnily enough, this post was inspired by something different. I recently came across a picture which spur something in me to share this.


So as to the question, here was my reply:

Otaniel is a human, one who has experienced the good sides, so much that he doesn't get attracted to material stuffs, one who has seen enough bad days, that nothing scares him anymore. Otaniel is someone simple, yet complex, someone who doesn't see the need for ascribing one definition to a thing. Cos definitions are labels and labels are limits, otaniel tends to think like there is no box

An Otaniel is me, it's you, it's everyone who wants to be different, yet still find himself in the regular things that he does. Otaniels are not conformed by the society, instead they give new meanings to what the society sees as norms.

I'm Otaniel, just your regular guy, who wants to touch the world with the little things I do

So basically, that's who I am, I do hope to touch the world with the little things I do. Maybe not now, but in no distant future.

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