Staked Marlians!

in marlians •  last month 

I received some marlians from my random post and I staked all of it. Not much since it is only around 29 marlians. It doesn't, I believe that a huge staked begins in a several staked that grown overtime.

Marlians is one of the best things happen in my Steem journey.

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I've downvoted because you've used the CREATIVECOIN tag and the content doesn't relate to the tag.

creativecoin tag will be used on any creative thought as it was said earlier. Any thought that create by human mind and any of this thought was create through creativity. It would be handicraftcoin or drawingcoin or artcoin. Because creativecoin is for creativity, it has broad scope you know. Any way I am not against about the flag... It is how you understand things my friend.

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This post has nothing to do with the creativecoin tag and should not be used

Please be informed that the tag AAA is used for and is for movie and series reviews. Your account is going to be blacklisted from our service if the tag is going to be used again for a non relevant posting after this warning.

Hope to see you on with a great movie or series review!

sorry about that...

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