Ramos' strength to renew with Real Madrid

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Ramos will turn 34 on March 30 and his intention is to renew for more than a year. Without sitting down to negotiate both sides yet, there could be the first obstacle. The club does not want to set a precedent and Ramos would rather not condition his future to be renewing season after season. Of course, without closing the door to accept the club rule. "I understand that at a certain age they will do it for a year," he said a month ago.


The truth is that Sergio Ramos, beyond what his figure as captain and legend of Real Madrid supposes, offers a performance season after season that should clear any doubts about what his contribution may be in the coming years. Ramos' strength to renew not only goes through his current untouchable condition, but also because of his state of form and because he is little punished for serious injuries, which is undoubtedly a guarantee that Real Madrid will rethink a long-term contract with him despite the fact that Sergio would end his current relationship with the white team at 35 years old.

The numbers support Ramos's physique and performance, especially once the 30-year-old barrier has been overcome, when players start to look at them with a magnifying glass and, sometimes, they begin to lose prominence in teams. It is not the case of the '4' white, who not only maintains his status as a starter in Madrid but his performance has not declined one iota.

Without going any further, this season he is the second player in the squad that has played the most games and minutes, second only to Casemiro. He has played 34 of Real Madrid's 39 official matches, 87 percent. In addition, it exceeds the three thousand minute barrier. The data supports the tremendous regularity shown by Ramos, who in recent campaigns has always exceeded 40 games. This season, if it had not been for the break, the captain would have exceeded that bar again.

Since he turned 30, Sergio Ramos' numbers have not suffered in terms of performance. He played 42 games last season, another 42 in 17-18 and 44 in 16-17, a campaign in which he turned 31 years old. Data that put on the table would serve the captain to defend his desire to sign a broader renewal than the club would initially be willing to offer him.

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