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IntroduceMySelf and Thanks to Surpassinggoogle and Ankarlie.

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Welcome to Marlians my friend. Basically Marlians is a side project of Terry aka @surpassinggoogle and is part of the Teardrop ecosystem. Feel free to read more about it in his blog-posts. As you can see Marlians is one of the newer condensers of steem much liket steemit with some added features. I myself have been studying this condensers especially on what tags to use since Marlians allows more than 5 which i think is an awesome Idea since the platform is growing rapidly in terms of different projects or tribes. Anyway welcome to Marlians and welcome back to Steem.

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Thank you. You earn some other coins too while on marlians. We have several accounts for different coins, so we can share stuff.

That is great to know. I have been away from steemit for a while and I was surprised with the many communities or tribes we have now at steemit.

Thanks for your greatness you always guided me well. You are a real and true mentor for all.

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You may be on soon. Get certified.