My nomination for Marky's Make a Minnow Contest - @alfredmusic

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Dear Steemians

I read this post, created by @themarkymark and here I'm with my nomination.

I nominate @alfredmusic for Marky's Make a Minnow Contest.

I follow @alfredmusic since he joined Steemit. He is an amazing guy, a brilliant musician and a natural entertainer. He can dance too.

I guess I found out about him when he joined one of my weekly dance contests.

This is one of the first dance videos he shared for the dance contest.

The following dance video is too good,

I hope he is not going to hate me because I shared these fun dance videos.

He is a brilliant and versatile musician. He has a good voice too.

Please visit his page @alfredmusic.

I have only selected two music videos but they will give you an idea of his awesome music skills.

In the video below he is playing a piano cover of Yesterday by The Beatles.

A big thank you to @themarkymark for creating such a great contest.

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Hermano! Estoy eternamente agradecido con tu nominación! De verdad que sí! No sabes cuanto significa para mí, este apoyo que me brindas! Tu tiempo es preciado, y que te hayas tomado unos minutos para crear esta publicación y buscar los vídeos alegra este longevo corazón de 60 años. Siempre te envío muchas bendiciones desde Venezuela! Simplemente Gracias!


Eres muy bienvenido mi hermano venezolano.