An Average Day With Mark Passio

in markpassio •  3 months ago

I was interviewed by Patrick Leach of Illuciferium last week. The interview shows me going about an average day at work at my home studio. I talk a little bit about the ARK Drive offer in this interview, and explain that the effort to reach people with empowering information is a steady continually effort. My assistants, Leiha Boone and Michael Falsetta, are also featured in this video. Hope you enjoy it.

Mark Passio

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Welcome to the platform. Wold love to have you on my podcast when I get back from hiatus. should be a few weeks. You're gonna love it here. Zero censorship and an amazingly woke and supportive community!

Blessings on your day @mpassio!

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Thank you for being you, for being alive, and for embracing your role in the paradigm shift!

Thank you for this intimate look into your daily life. Your courage and determination are a huge inspiration for me. I'm glad you have some good people working by your side.

Nice to see you made it over to steemit finally lol Mark and man I thought I lived in the ghetto...there must be levels to ghetto life. No disrespect <3 Nice office setup!

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Great to see you on Steemit Mark. I heard you speak at Anarchapulco in Feb and haven't stopped listening to you since.

Welcome to Steemit Mark! I would highly recommend using tags like philosophy, anarchy, informationwar to hit your audience who are already on the platform :-) That said, I'm going to add you to @TribeSteemUp and re-steem this from @WeAreChange-CO


Dude @kennyskitchen That's so awesome! Thank you for showing Mark and his work this much support over here on Steemit!

Welcome to Steem Mark! After two years of having your account, you made your first post :) Hope there are more to come.

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HeyMark! Great to see you have migrated over to Steemit. This is a GREAT place for dissidents. Look forward to upvoting and interacting with you. I've consumed HUNDREDS of hours of your podcasts/videos over the years. Nice to see you are exploring alternatives to the current censorship. This is the place to be for that. LOTS of great folks to connect and collaborate with here. Onwards and upwards...

Welcome to steemit brotha!

Nice one Mark, I have seen you speak at Anarchapulco this year. Since then I studied some of your material and it is mind blowing.

Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome Mark. I'm delighted to see you on here.

Wow ! Mark Passio is on steemit ! I think everyone needs to take the blunge from You Tube & FB before everyone gets banned anyway !

Good to finally see you doing the great work on the Steem train. I think Dtube will be a good place for your video presentations too!

Great video!! As much as I want to be helping you guys out, I hope to do so by making some material for the ARK, woohoo!!

Welcome to Steemit! I am so glad you are here! i can't wait to see what you come up with... blessings Mark. Upvoted and Resteemed. Great Message! I am so happy you got a producer and I look forward to the TV show. Fantastic!!!!

YEAH!!! Welcome to Steemit! Welcome to Steemit Mark.

I've been doing The Great Work here in Asia, like I said.

Wishing you the ABSOLUTE BEST! You deserve it!

Mark, I'm sooooo happy to see you here on Steemit! A heartfelt welcome! I hope to see more great work from you on this platform. Cheers!

This made me chuckle... imagine an MTV Cribs but for Truth & Freedom activists. lol

Definitely hit Mark up and get yourself that ARK Drive. With all the censorship on the way this information needs to be preserved and propagated as much as possible!

Thanks for your Great Work Brother.

@markpassio do you know the owner of The Great Work YouTube channel by chance? His was deleted about a month ago or so and he delivered snippets from your presentations and many others focussed on self-government and self-improvement. If there only was an audio usually great pictures and quotes from anarchists were added, be it Bastiat, Spooner or others.
So sad this channel is gone.

Mark - I am watching this vid on FB regarding the crew - I am going to do a Sigil painting to bring in the crew - The sigil is going to be:

Mark Passio has a reliable, able, and intelligent local crew to set up his equipment for the What On Earth Is Happening TV Show. I will start working on this tonight.

When it's done, I will post it and send it to you. They do seem to work - so that's what I can do right now.

Blessings! Joanna

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I have watched many of your YT-videos on What On Earth Is Happening.
They really help to clean one self from the brainwashing. Now is the time for reprogramming our brains and spirits to become good Terminators with destruction of NWO as the goal. Thanks.