Steemit is being promoted as a get rich quick scheme

10 months ago
57 in marklyford

I just want to give a big fuck you to mark lyford who has scammed me before with Banx Shares and @michaelx who is obviously a pos. I am pretty drunk right now so idgaf. Check out the newest get quick rich scheme by mark lyford using the Steem platform.

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  ·  10 months ago

Hey, when you sober up maybe let me know the background, he got me too & a bunch of others that I am in touch with, you'll find him on here posting his side of Banx,total bollocks of course, you'll see a few posts by myself, cheers phil winfield

  ·  10 months ago

Hey man, yeah he totally got me, and roganjosh the mod at banx .io was selling me discounted shares on the side knowing i was a total newb, in total I lost 3 btc