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RE: Are we in the "Bubble of Everything"?

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Richard Heinberg said it himself in his book, Peak Everything. Of course we are a bubble, everything is. If there is one thing Nature was brilliant at, was building a machine the size of a planet and keep it balanced at the same time. We came along and looked at everything both in ecology and geology as a resource to be exploited with no regard to the cost. We know that every time we double we use as much resource as all the previous growth all added up, and now we are at 7.6 billion people, racing to 8B, we will not double again. In every way the geology and the ecology which remains, which is the entire foundation of our economy has been hollowed out and is ready for collapse. The numbers are a horror story, yet we seem only to care about the greed of the day. When this bubble pops, nobody will be able to hide from it, and all the time in the world to ponder how did it come to this...


It seems we are goldfish and our children will have to pay for our sins...

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