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POZESS is one of the marketplace that uses the blockchain technology as the security and convenience of all users including all merchants can also make a photo or video to sell a wide range of luxury goods and services. POZESS designing a marketplace to connect with pedagan or buyers worldwide with provisions which I will explain below. In this platform also formed a community called POZESS POST, this community is very useful for merchants to sell luxury baramg in the search by buyers from different parts of dunja, however it's not just luxury goods will be supplied by This POZESS marketplace but also available goods such as lifestyle products such as modern design and fine clothes, I believe internet users especially who love shopping using the online world will be utilizing this blockchain-tech marketplace.

Organic Marketing SMES ( Small and Medium Enterprises )

In indonesia itself which has the economy high enough IE 6.5% is also very high levels has strengthened against the SME sector. The Pozess have a very precise action (organic decentralized marketing platform) for SMEs would be very beneficial for those who have a business in the field of marketing and will also greatly benefit consumers to get rewards from This decentralized platform.

Solutions For Consumers.

There are a variety of solutions for all consumers who are listed in this POZESS platform, consumers will get security and will also secure the top convenience when using POZESS, the solution I have come across is

  • Install Community
    Have a community that is very supportive of all of the photos or videos taken from traders who use the internet and the community can invite all the traders to join up all the merchants sign up and sell determining using Pozess.
  • Timely Searches
    This solution will help all users to search for and obtain the desired items, you will find the latest goodies in the form of fashion products and modern lifestyle products, searches in Real Time just for the user community.
  • Economic development
    Economic development in the world of cryptocurrency make Pozess like to appreciate all the users who are registered as a user and community affiliates that use crypto token, so you guys can still use token crypto for social activities and curatorial products.
  • Social interactive experience
    Development platform that will be done by Pozess this will make all users feel the engagement on the part of the community that has been provided, the user above can also participate and be able to communicate with each other at the time of construction the network conducted by platfrom.
  • Cryptocurrency Universal Wallet.
    You guys could do a purchase payment promotions as well as key functionality simply by installing the crypto universal wallet application, inside the wallet itself has called transparent so that this can not be manipulated in when payment has been made, the addition of safeguards in this application have a spare cloud as well as in the encryption.
  • Guaranteed quality and Returns
    No need to worry if you make a purchase on the network. Guaranteed quality features smart contract technology that will do it automatically in completing transactions when sending the product to the buyer, if a purchased product does not match the order then you can use the facilities return the goods and get your money back.
  • Customer support & Pemgiriman Messages
    Pozess platforms have support facilities for customers with a way to send messages, this support has the time 24/7. This support will be used to communicate with the trader if you have any questions or problems with how to send instant messages or email
  • Product Purchase & Pengolaan
    All buyers can track their orders in order to find out to which their order up.
  • Language support and localization
    To make access internationally it will be necessary a global language support and localization.
    Traders will get a solution from this Pozess platform, if you want to find out a solution to trade then I will include the Link below.

The Benefits Of Combining Technology Blockchain.

This technology has features that can not be cheated, secure and can't be the greatest hackers by retas world though, blockchain also has a very high honesty that can be seen from a transparent process that cannot be hidden by anyone when making notes transaction, with the Blockchain technology also simplifies the purchase process right will also reduce transaction costs.

Benefits For The User Cryptocurrency.

For users of cryptocurrency will be able to access the marketplace and across the marketplace can also be referred to as an international marketplace, there will be the addition of the element of acceptance of maretplace international and localization as well as also there different language in it.

Benefits For Merchants

Detail Crowdsale

ICO Crowdsale was recorded in the amount of $40 million in Exchange for a token PZS, this increase will be made as the development platform Pozees. If you guys want to membeliataupun want to invest can be done in a way to pay fiat money, if you guys want to invest using digital money like bitcoin ethereum and then you guys can use the currency to invest. The details of this crowdsale ico into details as follows:
Total token PZS as much 1.080 million which will be divided into:

  • 540 Million token to crowdsale
  • 237 Million token to advisory team
  • 108 Million will be provided for token gifts
  • The remainder of the Division of the above tokens will be owned by the partnership as well as the company.

The price of this token PZS is 0, 00042Eth or equivalent with $0.08/token, if you buy using the eth then the count was 1Eth will get as much token 2380 PZS, but if you guys want to buy use USD will be calculated will be $1 obtain 12token PZS.

If you invest at a time when Crowdsale in noble then you will get an additional bonus, all tokens that you guys buy will be distributed and the rest of the token dar sales will in fuel.


At this point a true interest in the marketplace by society because of the way it works is very simple, and Pozess utilize the marketplace by way of combining security technology blockchain and this will result in security, comfort as well as highly transparent, platform Pozess will grow rapidly because of platforms has no rival and just give you an advantage against the buyer as well as the trade.

More information:

Website : https://pozess.io/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/joinPozess
Twitter : https://twitter.com/joinPozess
Telegram: https://t.me/joinPozess
Medium : https://medium.com/@Pozess
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/PozessICO
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/joinPozess/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTHV8sL6yVskkObfPv3i5WA
Whitepaper: https://www.pozess.com/ico/uploads/PozessWhitePaper.pdf

Username: taufik123
Profilelink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=831523

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