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Currencies: Dollar retreats as commodity currencies bounce; Turkish lira plummets

The U.S. dollar was softer against most of its rivals on Tuesday, as commodity prices bounced higher and gave related currencies room to rally. Turkey’s lira was in focus after a monetary policy decision stirred investor worries about the independence of Turkey’s central bank.


Futures Movers: Oil prices tick higher as U.S.-Iran tensions simmer

Oil prices clawed higher Tuesday, supported by underlying tensions between the U.S. and Iran that could further disrupt supply to the global market.


IPO Report: Cushman & Wakefield’s IPO: Here are 5 things to know

The global real estate services company is saddled with debt, somewhat short on cash, and acknowledges that its cash flow is seasonal. Also, common shareholders won’t have as much say as the controlling stakeholders.


The Ratings Game: All eyes will be on Biogen Alzheimer’s results this week — and the stock could swing wildly

The results could put Biogen on top of the world and push its stock up about $40 per share. Or not.


Market Extra: Tesla says it did not ask suppliers for cash back

Tesla responded on Monday to a Wall Street Journal report that it asked some suppliers to rebate payments going back to 2016, saying that it asked fewer than 10 suppliers for reductions in total capital expenditure spending on projects that begin in 2016 but are still not complete.


IPO market braces for 11 deals, including a $1.5 billion deal from China’s Pinduoduo

The initial public offering market is bracing for another busy week with 11 deals on tap including a roughly $1.5 billion deal from Chinese shopping app Pinduoduo Inc.


Venezuelan inflation barreling toward 1 million percent

Inflation in Venezuela could top 1 million percent in 2018 as its five-year-long economic crisis deepens, stirring images of post-World War I Germany.


Encore: The U.S. needs a pension registry to help people keep track of their savings

A new Office of Lost and Found could be used to coordinate ongoing government initiatives


Market Extra: Tech rally is putting stocks mere points away from ending a lengthy bearish streak

The U.S. stock market rose on Tuesday, in a broad rally that put it within striking distance of casting off its longest correction in more than 30 years.


Earnings Outlook: Tesla earnings: Investors should gear up for more drama

The question for Tesla investors may not be asked during the post-results call but it’s increasingly pertinent: Are Musk’s outbursts against analysts, the media, critics and others mere distractions for Tesla, or are they signs of more serious problems at the Silicon Valley auto maker?


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