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IPO market braces for 11 deals, including a $1.5 billion deal from China’s Pinduoduo

The initial public offering market is bracing for another busy week with 11 deals on tap including a roughly $1.5 billion deal from Chinese shopping app Pinduoduo Inc.


Mega Millions jackpot tops half a billion dollars, so what time is the drawing?

There hasn’t been a Mega Millions jackpot winner since May.


Outside the Box: This is what it really takes to become a 401(k) millionaire

The numbers make it seem like it shouldn’t be that hard to save at least $1 million by retirement age. But everything looks easier on paper than in real life.


Earnings Outlook: Amazon earnings: Prime Day isn’t the only thing giving business a boost

Amazon is expected to report earnings that reflect growth across advertising and cloud services as well as e-commerce.


Earnings Outlook: Under Armour earnings: Is an oversupply of merchandise hurting the brand?

Analysts are concerned that Under Armour’s high inventory levels will hurt the brand, a worry that they’ve had for some time.


In One Chart: The ‘significant damage’ a U.S.-China trade war could do to the global economy — in one chart

Stock-market investors continue to play down the risks escalating trade tensions pose. But economists are beginning to pencil in an ever steeper hit to growth in China, the U.S. and the world.


When it comes to early retirement, what do we owe our aging parents?

Some parents may not be prepared for their own retirement.


Earnings Outlook: Earnings preview: AT&T, a modern media company in the making

AT&T will continue to work on its strategy of being able to offer packages that include media across multiple streams, analyst says.


Earnings Outlook: Ford earnings: Sedan ‘killing’ move will be put under the microscope

Ford is scheduled to report second-quarter earnings on Wednesday as it rethinks its vehicle offerings and banks it will reap rewards down the line.


Futures Movers: Oil shifts lower as market plays down impact from U.S.-Iran rhetoric

Oil turns lower Monday, giving up earlier gains, as the market plays down rhetoric between the U.S. and Iran that threatened to tighten global crude supplies.


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