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The Wall Street Journal: Facebook suspends another analytics firm over data practices

Facebook Inc. suspends another company that harvested data from its site and says it was investigating whether the analytics firm’s contracts with the U.S. government and a Russian nonprofit tied to the Kremlin violate the platform’s policies.


Tilray IPO is ‘validation’ for pot companies, CEO says

Tiilray Inc. landed a valuation topping $1 billion and became the first cannabis company to go public on the Nasdaq exchange Thursday, then received even more validation when shares popped more than 30% in initial trades.


Market Snapshot: Stocks end day and week mostly flat as Trump stokes fresh worry on trade, monetary policy

U.S. stocks finish Friday’s trade pretty much where they started the session and the week as losses in consumer-discretionary and energy sectors offset a rise in staples and financials.


NewsWatch: Trump rips Fed rate hikes, but investors expect Powell to stay the course

Knee-jerk reaction aside, financial markets aren’t sweating President Donald Trump’s criticism of the Federal Reserve’s decision to tighten monetary policy.


Weekend Sip: The price tag on this ‘seductive’ Port works out to $212 an ounce

This distiller specializes in rare ‘last drop’ bottlings.


CryptoWatch: An intraday downturn is putting a bitcoin win streak at risk

Bitcoin’s revival hit a speed bump Friday afternoon as the No. 1 digital currency turned lower, putting a milestone in jeopardy.


130,000 veterans are about to get a hefty tax refund

Veterans face unique financial challenges — here’s what they might want to do with the money.


The New York Post: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn fired after offensive tweets resurface

“Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn has come under fire for a series of provocative old tweets — prompting him to apologize for his “outrageous” comments.


Top Ten: Weekend roundup: The Netflix ‘warning’ | A real mid-year investing strategy | Is maxing out your 401(k) enough?

Here are MarketWatch articles to read this weekend.


The Wall Street Journal: Trump deal to save China’s ZTE survives battle in U.S. Congress

Efforts in Congress to undo President Donald Trump’s deal with Beijing to save ZTE Corp. have ended due to lack of support from the Republican leadership, according to people familiar with the matter.


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