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Economic Report: Empire State manufacturing index edges down in July from eight-month high

The Empire State manufacturing index fell 2.4 points in July to a reading of 22.6, the New York Fed said Monday.


Economic Report: U.S. retail sales climb again in June after jumbo gain in May

Sales at retailers such as auto dealers, restaurants and Internet sites rose again in June after a mammoth gain in May, underscoring the strength of the U.S. economy as spring turned to summer. Sales at retailers nationwide grew 0.5% last month.


Don’t cheat yourself with the 4% rule

Enjoy more of what you’ve saved along the way


The Wall Street Journal: China cozies up to EU as trade spat with U.S. escalates

China courts the European Union as an ally in its trade conflict with the U.S., offering to improve access for foreign companies and work with the EU on reforming the World Trade Organization.


Market Snapshot: How the stock-market bull has powered past one obstacle after another

Wall Street investors find themselves facing off with a bull of their own, one that is in its ninth year and, despite being beset by a cavalcade of concerns, appears on the verge of resuming the second-longest run since WWII.


Economic Report: Mortgage rates inch up as housing market braces for slowing momentum

Rates for home loans spiralled higher after a three-week respite, suggesting there’s still some life left in the rotation out of fixed-income assets, and reason for housing market participants to be nervous about higher borrowing costs.


NerdWallet: More people are tapping equity—and other real estate trends

Here are three housing and mortgage trends to watch for as summer slides into fall.


Grow: This retired baseball player’s contract is the perfect example of the power of compounding

See how former Mets player Bobby Bonilla turned $5.9 million into nearly $30 million.


Next Avenue: This popular diet trend actually shows promise — even if you’re over 50

The research on intermittent fasting indicates it might be a good strategy, even if you’re over 50.


The Tell: The stock market is about to set a bearish record

The U.S. stock market is hours from hitting a notable milestone, but it isn’t one that investors will feel particularly good about.


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