Video Marketing Secrets - How to Get More Videos viewed and Driven

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Video marketing starts with a good camera. The Sony camera is one of the best. With the Sony camera, you can get the best shots. Then get them into your computer.

Then upload them to YouTube. And there you have it, you have video marketing. Just the videos you recorded. You can re-edit them for social media marketing. You can re-do your background. You can make yourself look more professional. But if you are lazy, you can simply use your iPhone with Camtasia. Get it at any store that sells recording equipment. You can record as well as edit your videos. Get some good music on there too.

Don't forget to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on YouTube. It is important to get your website address in the video title and description. That way, when someone searches for a keyword in YouTube, your video will show up. Don't use any inappropriate keywords.

YouTube is not the only way to do video marketing. There are lots of video sites that allow you to upload your videos. Some of them, like DailyMotion, are free. Then there are other ones, like Google Video, where you pay. Some of them, like YouTube, is a free service, but you must be careful, because you don't know how they are using it. It could be, they have some type of agreement with certain companies or some type of incentive. And the ones that don't, they just use their own discretion.

Don't forget to use keywords in the title and description of the videos. As I said, it is very important. You have to get your keywords in there. Google also looks for keyword phrases in titles and descriptions. Make sure the keywords in the video and in the title are used. Be consistent.

There are some other sites, besides YouTube, where you can post your videos. One of them is Metacafe. It is a site that allows you to post to over 50 video sites. They will even pay you if you get a lot of views on your videos. Their system is based on views. So if you get a lot of views, they will pay you. And they are one of the best ones.

One of my favorite ways to get social backlinks is the site It will give you not only backlinks but social signals.

Now if you are a social network marketer, you should be using social bookmarking. Then you can bookmark your videos to these sites, and get your link to your video.

To get your video to go viral, you have to get back links to your video. So many video sites, but you have to get back links to your video. Get as many back links as you can. If you have a website, you should use Domain Shopper. It is a great tool. You can go in and search for your video and find all the websites that have that video embedded. And get as many of those back links as possible. Many of them will let you merge your links with yours, which will help your rankings.

And of course, make sure that you get as many shares as possible. You should try to get as many video views as possible. That will also help your video rankings. And you should try to get as many video highlights as possible, which will also help your video rankings.

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