When You Open The Inflight Magazine And Find Your Steem Project In There!!! ✈️🌍👀🏆💚 It's Called "The September Issue 2.0"

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Shoot for the moon; even if you miss it, you'll land among the stars.

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When I contacted the Editorial Management of the Binter Airlines inflight magazine "NT" a couple of months ago, I felt that I somehow missed the target.

My first attempt to provide @dreamsoftheocean with a coverage in the July issue failed. Yet, those of you who follow my doings for a while will know that I seldomly accept a 'no'.

When 'Dreams of the Ocean' took off in the local media and even the biggest local radio stations had interviewed me on the project, I gave it another shot.

A couple of weeks ago the Chief Editor confirmed that we'd be featured in the next edition.

Today I'm holding the September issue in my hands which features @dreamsoftheocean on page 3. You have absolutely no idea how much this piece of paper means to me!!!

Since I started the project in summer 2017 I had always pursued that dream to pull its story in the limelight.

There are so many people enjoying a fantastic life on Canary Islands, while there are still thousands living below the subsistence level. I really wanted to show them all how easy it is to share a bit from the cake and make a difference.

3.4 million people travel with the airline Binter Canarias annually, being scheduled ~180 flights per day. These are ~280,000 passengers (contacts) per month.

Fasten your seatbelts and be ready for take-off!


280,000 contacts

Swimming to fulfill a dream is the beautiful headline of the quarter-page feature.

I'm pretty optimistic that most of the ~280,000 passengers who are going to fly with Binter until the end of September will find the story on page 3.

According to the Editorial Management @dreamsoftheocean was actually supposed to be mentioned in the chapter Cultural News (which comes at the end of the magazine). But apparently they changed their mind and decided to include it in their Business News at the very beginning instead.


I can tell you that it feels quite unreal holding the issue in my hands.

Can you hear my heart beating from above the clouds?

"Binter NT" September issue 2018, page 3

More attention for Steem?!

Whoever puts my full name into Google will quickly be directed to steemit.com.

Recently - when the Spanish media started to publish my real name relating to the charity - I polished up my digital profile and included the URL of my Steem blog in all of my social media and business network accounts.

Printed media doesn't come with backlinks, but many people take the magazines home or take pictures of the articles they like being on board (I've often seen that and also done by myself).

So who knows - maybe we'll even bring some fresh traffic from Spain to Steem now.

Every little contribution will help our steemy baby to grow out of its infancy.


Don't wait for Steem to be perfect - help it to be brilliant in the given framework.

You want Steem to be advertised? Then advertise it. You want Steem to become more popular in your own country?
Then go make it more popular.

Remember that this is OUR blockchain and that we all decide on how we want it to be.

Happy shooting for the moon, steemians!

Much love,
Marly -
Steem Ambassador

EDIT: Binter Airlines just liked the link to this post on Twitter :-)


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Thank you Roeland!!! :-)

that is soo cool

That is freaking awesome!!!!!

Congratulations- You are the best ambassador ever!

Sweet :-)

Thank you!!! We're a great team of marvellous ambassadors, and I'm very happy to be part of it.

Wow, that is fantastic! I wish I could understand the language. Thanks for helping STEEMIT!

How cool. This is very exciting news. I love sharing Steemit with people I meet in Cancun and in my travels share it with everyone I meet. It's off to Thailand next for 4-months with a 1-week break for Steemfest.

I love what you're doing for the platform and how you integrated it with your passion for surfing. That's what this place is all about. Congrats!

Thank you so much for your kind words, @luzcypher!!!

Thailand really doesn't sound too bad, happy for you :-)

I hope that I can make it to Steemfest. Would be absolutely great to see you again :-))

Big hugs and enjoy your weekend!

Just curious, have you ever been to Thailand or anywhere in South East Asia? This will be my first time.

A good surfer friend of mine went to Bali to surf once and never came back. Says the waves are incredible there and he's from California like me. Better waves Big Sur, California must be pretty good surfing.

A good surfer friend of mine went to Bali to surf once and never came back.

Ha, I can relate! I was in Bali three months ago and really enjoyed it. Besides the waves I LOVED the food!!

It's one of my dreams to surf in California one day, I'll be working on it :-)

That's funny, I thought you were from California.

Haha, that's actually a very cool compliment :-))

So, where are you from then, originally?

I'm German :-)

That's so cool to see your project in print. How gratifying. You have a great story

Nice promo for the steem blockchain too.

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Thanks a lot @happymoneyman!!
It's definitely a great feeling, and I hope it will have a positive influence on Steem though.

Have a nice weekend!!

This is incredibly inspiring. Congratulations!

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Wohooo, Stellabelle!! Cool to see you here and thanks for the flowers :-)

Super cool, nice one Marly! Actually, I should be in Gran Canaria next month... and spreading the Steemyness as I go ;)

Aaaaah, nice!!! On the 8th of September we'll have a Steem Meetup on Gran Canaria, I guess that's too early for you...?

Unfortunately yes, I won't be there till early October. I'm sure it will be great, enjoy!

congrats on this @surfermarly your persistence and hard work has paid off!👏 what a great marketing opportunity for steemit

Wohoooo, a resteem from @doitvoluntarily!! Thank you so much :-))

Wow, great work @surfermarly!

Danke, Jonas!!! :-)

This is amazing Marly! Way to go! :)

Firepowaaaa! Thank you so much :-))
You just put an extra smile on my face, hehe

That is indeed super nice! :)

You should have seen me dancing around that magazin....:-D
Thanks for stopping by @lemouth!!

This is awesome. Your continued support as a Steem ambassador and your projects are fantastic. Congratulations and well done.

Thank you, Stephen!!
The starting point is always an interesting story to tell. Without that it's extremely hard to get the media's attention. Then it's all about getting featured by one brand in order to get the ball rolling... I don't think we would've been mentioned here without the previous radio interviews for instance. So one little step leads to the next, that's been my big learning from this experience :-)

Steem on!

Congratulations Marly!!
Building bridges to grow up the Steem blockchain is always fantastic! <3 Good Job!!

Muchas gracias Isra!!! :-)
One week to go until the Steem Meetup - woooop wooop!!

Siiii!! Vamos!!!!
Esta es la lista hasta ahora, algunos pendientes de confirmar y amigos + algún curioso de última hora :D El lunes publicamos lista oficial en el blog @steemitcanarias

Lista de asistencia provisional:
@surfermarly @paxsurf @kilianparadise @saraien @cauac
Pendientes de registrar su cuenta en Steemit:
Albert + Ben (+1) + amiga de Marly

Nos vemos pronto!

Guay! A ver si alguien más se anima a corto plazo :-)

Congratulations, I'm jealous. Getting the world out about out charities here, is crucial and real damn hard. Especially getting people to take action and donate, delegate or lend a physical hand.

For readers, Marly already knows this I'm sure, but I founded the @YouAreHOPE foundation here. So I have skin in this game.

I am super duper thrilled for you about this publication! Well done!

Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation @sircork!

Indeed it's been a lot of hours this summer, but I'd always invest them in the very same way :-) It's always a good day to reach out and make some noise for those who need us most.

Best of luck for your own endeavor!!

Felicidades Marly, no dejas de sorprender. Vamos!!!!

Jeje, muchas gracias Kilian!!!
In one week we gonna have a huge cocktail on this one :-)))

Holy cow this is amazing! Doesn't surprise me they would find such a talented person to advertise! :)

Remember that this is OUR blockchain and that we all decide on how we want it to be.

Well said!

Appreciated @steemitqa!!! We both joined in July 2016, and it always makes me especially happy to see someone from the old dogs around :-))

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Congratulations on this great success, Marly!

So happy to hear that your dream has gotten some "big ink." :D



Thanks a lot, my friend!!
You may only imagine how happy I am :-)

Btw today I'll go surfing with my board with no sail again, hehe
There are no winds, so I can go back to the roots.

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!

My only attempts at windsurfing, long long ago, were dismal... Maybe I should try again now that I am a "regular" surfer?

But just gliding on a wave on my longboard makes me happy.

It's been a grand weekend, Thanks! I hope yours has been as well. :D

so inspiring , i bet that keeps you more motivated to do more for this platform , great job you got there. steemit to the moon! ❤️

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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it in such way!

Congratulations Ms. Marly,

Don't wait for Steem to be perfect - help it to be brilliant in the given framework.

I wish I can help, I'll try my best to promote our amazing platform... Enjoy your trip ms. MARLY... 😘😘😘

Every contribution helps, no matter how big or small :-)
Steem on @avhyaceulip!


-Well done island girl!

Hehe, thanks my friendly friend! :-)))

Way to go Marly! :D

Remember that this is OUR blockchain and that we all decide on how we want it to be.

I loved this. <3

Thank you, wanderer!!!
Enjoy your weekend.... hopefully on wheels :-)

Amongst, all the bravado and beating chests we hear, you're quietly making a positive impact to this community.
You must be super stoked to feature in an inflight magazine, I know I would be :-D

Hehe, I am.
Thanks for the flowers @easykidscraft!

this is fantastic, between this and tomorrow's STEEM blast and STEEM and SBD being at a dollar I think some big things are about to happen!

Hehe, it's all about the attitude - love your way of thinking :-))

Woow, woow, woow! That is Promoter's Life ;)

Hehe, always seeking the next shot :-))
Thanks for stopping by, Leo!

Great job, Marly... as always!

Thanks a lot, David!!! Hearing it from you means a world to me :-)

is incerdible

Thank you, Michael! :-)

What brilliant news for @dreamsoftheocean and Steem!

Congratulations Marly!

Hehe, thank you Asher!!! :-)

your dress & plane color are same. nice achievement

Congrats 💐🎉🎊

Congratulations @surfermarly!
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really great

Congratulations. It's nice to have that warm feeling in your tummy.

@surfermarly great information, it seems that steemit have great scope in near future. Hope keep informative in future also.

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Well done. I study spanish y "pude leer todo!" I put steemit promotion on my LinkedIn account.

Hehe, fantastico @goldrooster! :-)
Yeah I put it on LinkedIn, too - as well as Xing and a couple of other business networks.


It's exciting news! Not many people are aware of Steem. Thank you for sharing the news.

Steem's tech is very nice, but it is the community that will propel it. I have tried all of the so-called alt-tech sites. This group of folks outshines all the others. Thanks for the post, I will continue doing my part to promote the Steemit community.

nice ♥

Wow this is incrediblly inspiering. CONGRAtulation.

Amazing. I can't show my gratitude towards people like you Marley. you are really getting this platform out there and not waiting for it to grow on its own. If this platform really does have a future it is because of the efforts of people like you. Please keep it up. You are doing all of us a favor. I am going to consider really hard how I can contribute to this platform more in the future and get the word out there. I took a bit of time off and man I am surprised to see how it has changed since I have come back. The dedication that some people have to this platform blows my mind. So much has gone on since I was in my last wave of participation and it has me immensely fired up! Thank you so much again.

well written post again sir :)