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Today’s episode of The Steemit Podcast is an interview with the CEO of Flipside Crypto, Dave Balter. This is another installment in our Decentralized Entrepreneurship and Marketing series in which we help prepare you for a future that is being disrupted at an exponential rate by decentralized technologies like the internet and blockchain.

Serial Entrepreneur

Dave is a serial entrepreneur who has started 7 companies including Flipside, the crypto rating company which issues the Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, or FCAS. FCAS is a comparative metric used to assess the fundamental health of crypto projects. The score is derived from the interactivity between primary project lifecycle fundamentals: User Activity, Developer Behavior, and Market Maturity.

Entrepreneurial Lessons

In this interview we discuss the lessons he’s learned starting multiple successful companies, like the “Sponge and Stone” system, how he’s managed to succeed in a highly technical industry as a sales and marketing person, and the most surprising lessons he’s learned inside the blockchain space.

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About @steem.marketing

@steem.marketing is an account created by @andrarchy (Head of Communications & Advocacy for Steemit Inc.), that is intended to be used for the purpose of hosting and supporting content that helps to market Steem. If you are interested in being featured on this account, or otherwise contributing to marketing efforts for Steem, e-mail him at [email protected]

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Thanks for the feedback! We've already corrected the audio-only version and should be able to fix the video version shortly.

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Its lower than any video I've looked at for a long time. They should adjust it and re-upload it.

Done! Thanks for the feedback.

This is actually impressive. I don't know we have great initiative like @steem.marketing on the Steemit platform. I have actually learnt lot of lessons from this great crypto tycoon known as Dave Balter... I can't just wait to be like him 😊.

Does anyone knows how I can be successful in the crypto world without having any money to begin with.

Thanks for sharing this great post and I also use this medium to thank all great supporters of Steemit including all consistent Steemians and investors and Steemit Inc for their great impact on the steem blockchain.

wow this is great, i love this community keep it up steemit.

Great news but sound could be better

Why not get the sound levels right before you start recording? Or at least boost it up in post?

Also isn't the update log the place for these posts, it's really starting to grate seeing these at the top of my feed everytime I log in.


Volume is really low on both audio and video.

Gotta love how 50%+ of the comments are about the sound level instead of the content. :D

Which is now fixed :)

That's why @dtube exists and communities behind it. We can learn for exaple from @romafedorov , how to get better sound in our videos.

steem platform is awesome, nice post @steem.marketing

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Inspiring person

Hi steem marketing, I am very seldom finding YouTube videos about steem, steemit and other steem dApp on YouTube.

Plus the podcast seems very amateur...

If you need an Audio Engineer let me know lol. :D

This is such a resource! Thank you for sharing.

Hey steem marketing, take notice of this content creator here. So many people doing good things, I think it is best you scoop these people up under your wing.

We need more of these ! I loved them and was sharing them to my network.

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FCAS pretty much sucks and is driven primarily by the Twitter "crypto mafia" sentiment.
Its basically bullshit.
Id trust Treyvon more to rate my crypto then FCAS.

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