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In this episode of The Steemit Podcast, @andrarchy interviews one of the creators of Cache the Game, Erik Johnson. Cache was the winning project at ETHDenver 2018. Now you might be thinking, “Why is Steemit interviewing an Ethereum game developer?” Well, we are blockchain people first, and are happy to spread the word about any projects that are helping to build a more open, transparent, and free world.

Check out Erik's #introduceyourself post here.


That being said, the Cache team has decided to migrate from Ethereum to Steem (and not EOS) due to some of the fundamental constraints of that protocol (high cost, low speed), in favor of the fast and fee-less nature of Steem. :)

What is Cache?

Cache takes place in an 8-bit dystopian cyberpunk universe and is a social cryptocurrency trading game. It’s super meta! To learn more about the game and the team behind it, post and why they are switching to Steem, be sure to watch or listen to the interview below. If you enjoy The Steemit Podcast be sure to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcasting app or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

About is an account created by @andrarchy (Head of Communications & Advocacy for Steemit Inc.), that is intended to be used for the purpose of hosting and supporting content that helps to market Steem. If you are interested in being featured on this account, or otherwise contributing to marketing efforts for Steem, e-mail him at [email protected]

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This is always a good sign

By far, the most important part of the interview is at 28:52.

You couldn't wait ONE minute for me to post the excerpt here?! 😜

Any idea why no steem dapps are mentioned here?

This is often quoted site when it comes to dapp rankings, would be good to have steem dapps included on there.

Nice work on the interview. I am really interested in this game..... I will stay tuned in for sure.....

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I flag trash. You have received a flag.

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I flag trash. You have received a flag.

Transfers on STEEM are free, and this is a great advantage for blockchain games. I hope to see more and more games coming on the STEEM...

STEEM is underrated. Once more and more people understand it and how the community works it will take off. The only downfall I can see is the greed in which people only vote in order to make more STEEM instead of voting for the content they like. But, that's pretty much any platform.

At the same time, self-voting is crucial for many business models and not-for-profits. Honestly, I believe Steem will have to be adopted by businesses and content producers before the wider internet community gets involved.

There is just not a lot of incentive right now for the masses to join, but content producers can benefit right now. Its commonplace for content producers to give away stuff randomly to their audience for retention. There is an advantage for content producers that reward their audience with small STEEM/SBD rewards in upvotes for comments. The same is true for any online business.

hopefully more and more dlt style games will emerge. cant really call them a full on dapp IMO.

Wow. Now this is some real news and the kinds of things we need more of! Nicely done.

Great to see the protocol finally getting the attention of developers. The projects and Dapps built already here are the best promotional examples of how flexible and capable the ecosystem and community is!

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This video was a joy to listen at! :-) Nice to compare different aspects of different blockchains and see why Cache decided to move over :-)

Just based on my feeling of all of this, 2017-18 is sort of the analog to the early days of the decentralized tech boom when Apple and IBM/Microsoft started out bringing PCs to market and shunning the mainframe computer model. It was filled with techno-nerds and people who were maybe not-so-technical, but who saw the potential of the tech on a layperson level. Like crypto now, the ups and downs of the companies in this world didn't have much of an effect on the broader markets because it was just too small of a market at that point and the tech wasn't really accessible to the general public yet (even if many could afford it, they didn't have a reason to own one often times).

You didn't really see this blow up until the 90s when the internet came on line and all the dot coms started to pop up. Then everyone suddenly had use-cases for a PC beyond having them be a very expensive typewriter. Even though we've seen a little bit of that dot-com-esque mania in crypto, again, it's been so small that the broader markets have been unfazed by its ups and downs, and other than Steemit IMO, there hasn't been many use-cases for it for the general public other than speculation. It's still only filled with techno-nerds and laypeople like myself who see the potential. In my opinion, the next wave of crypto will likely echo that of the dot com era and it will begin to play a big part in the broader economy at that point. It'll probably crash pretty hard too at some point as people tend to get overly-exhuberent about these things, but that's just part of the game. Who knows? Maybe Steem will be the blockchain that ushers in that era and BTC will be the digital gold that prevents the next crash from hurting too much.

Awesome interview! Great News!

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My favorite Mitch Hedberg joke. When the escalator is temporarily out of order the sign should read "Sorry for the convenience folks, temporarily stairs."

“I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to too.”

Nice job gents. More videos of this nature will surely make a difference as we get the snowball rolling.

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This is really good news😍

The esteemed steem v Ethereum cache team are welcome.

Great Interview, I'm looking forward to this Game!

steem blockchain is incredible

Cant wait to play the game.

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Wow. Great news
Thank you for providing us with these info.
All the best 😄

I've said it before and I'll say it again, games will be the future of the 'chain.


Good news.
Surely, better days ahead for #steem!

Sounds good to me⤴

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Another Game for side currency on the the Steem blockchain. Upgrades baby, upgrades.


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