I think that the nature of cryptocurrencies effectively require approaches like these. They're open protocols whose development is crowdsourced after all. I like what they're doing at Dash, but there are some differences which require somewhat different approaches. But we're certainly aware of what other people are doing and trying to take the best approaches and innovate on top of them. That's actually what the devs do too! All cryptocurrencies, after all, are derived from Bitcoin.

Will this be a decentralized method of crowdsourcing? - will this be built into the steem blockchain some how?

I too like the governance aspect of DASH. I am a supporter of both DASH and STEEM.

How decentralized or centralized it is will likely depend on the response of the crowd. Our goal is to guide and help organize the crowd so that the method can be as decentralized as possible. We don't want the marketing methodology to create additional load for the developers as we want them building out the features the users want as rapidly as possible, but I believe that we can use existing tools to accomplish this and that the existing product pipeline (e.g. communities) will work synergistically with such a strategy. So yes, it will be decentralized, and yes this will be built into the steem blockchain, but it should not dictate what changes are made to the Steem blockchain because development of the Steem BC should be entirely dependent on building the best PROTOCOL we can for app and business building.

Thank you for that response brother @andrarchy

My pleasure, thanks for contributing to the conversation!

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