Marketing is Changing

in marketing •  2 years ago 

Something you should know about me is that even though I dropped out of college, through some miracle of life (and quite a bit of begging) I managed to enroll on a Master´s degree on Digital Marketing & E-commerce (technically it´s called a Superior Program, like a post-graduate for people who never went to college but still have experience to make up for it).

One of the things I´ve learned that strike me as impressive is how marketing is shifting, on one hand we´ve got AI doing most of the work for people on targeting their audiences, but to complement that there´s a pretty obvious trend on brands being more transparent and user friendly.

That´s the point I want to get to, It amazes and fills me with joy how our world is finally dropping the act, honesty is becoming ever more important in success, and we are realizing just how much of what surrounds us is built on a lie.

In a time of fake news and corrupt corporations doing whatever they please, people are starting to realize the power they hold at the tips of their fingers, it´s just a matter of time and effort for ideas like Blockchain and crowdsourcing become commonplace, then, in due time, all of the establishments we despise will evolve and become more transparent in their intentions, giving the users the place they deserve as the people behind the wheel.

Those are just my two cents on the matter, I would like to solidify this into something with more substance, but for now I´d like to know your opinions, any position is welcome, it all adds to the eventual solution.

this article inspired me to write the post, check it out if you´d like!

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Very well written. I believe we are in some very exciting times with the implementation of blockchain technology. I think us early birds will be very happy to have nested here. As for AI,I have mixed emotions on. My opinions are in my Vlog. I do believe if harnessed properly, it will change the world for the better. Great topic, great post. I'll be back for more! Following.

As with everything else, the future of AI depends entirely on what humanity does with it, it's great to have your doubts, but keep in mind that if you don't like something, you could be the one to create a solution, that's where community and social media come into place, the voice of one can become powerful with enough people supporting it.

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